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Bethesda is preparing a brand new game on Fallout

Bethesda готовит абсолютно новую игру по FalloutBethesda tisera not reissue Fallout.

So, Bethesda Softworks decided to announce something to do with the Fallout series: the company launched a stream on Twitch, where proudly stands the vault boy, and in the background you can see the text saying “Please Stand by”. And some of the Western press clearly knows more, but not yet pricked.

As reported by Kotaku, citing its sources, the upcoming announcement is not a remaster of Fallout 3 and not Fallout 4 version for Nintendo Switch, but a brand new game Fallout, which leads the series in an unexpected direction.

Several well-known insiders also passed over in the discussion forum ResetEra: from their words too, it turns out that Bethesda tisera not reissue Fallout, not a mobile game, not Fallout and not 5 ports Switch. Kotaku editor actually doubt that anyone can guess what game show Bethesda. By the way, this is not New Vegas 2 — the Studio Obsidian has confirmed that it has no relation to the fresh teaser.

It is assumed that the stream from the vault-the battle will end after 24 hours from the start — that is, the official announcement will take place today at about 18:00.

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