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Bethesda is forcing gamers to write essays about the cheats

Bethesda вынуждает геймеров писать сочинения про читыBethesda found an unusual way to fight against cheaters.

Bethesda found an unusual way to combat people using third-party Fallout in 76. Cheats and online games always went hand in hand: it is difficult to resist the temptation to trick the system. Developers will have to go to all sorts of tricks to make life of cheaters unbearable. Remember how Harry Potter made his own blood to display smooth lines “I’m not going to lie”? It seems that the authors of the post-apocalyptic MMO recently re-read the legendary book about wizards – so their punishment is close to the radical approach of Dolores Umbridge.

At the end of December the network began to appear information about the that some players of Fallout 76 banned for using mods or programs like Cheat Engine. Many were outraged by such behavior Bethesda, although the developers have made it clear that they do not consider the ability to run custom modifications on the public servers. True or not such a decision – it is difficult to say, however, the publisher has offered a very unusual way to avoid blocking.

Some users found in the love of the third party, said request to write an essay on “Why cheating hurts the community of online games.” Many have suggested that it’s fiction visionaries, but the official Bethesda representative confirmed that the company had indeed resorted to such an unusual decision in some cases. Read more the use of mods Fallout 76 the authors plan to consider a little later, but for now gamers have the opportunity to reflect on the questions raised.

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