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Bethesda has announced the Fallout 76

Bethesda анонсировала игру Fallout 76According to rumors, the forthcoming Fallout online project.

Bethesda continues to reveal his cards before the start of E3 — after 2 Rage, we were stunned by the announcement of Fallout 76.

What it is and what it is not yet clear. Judging by not the most advanced graphics, suppose it could be a separate addon in the spirit of Fallout: New Vegas.

Sources Kotaku reported that the development of Fallout 76 do main office Bethesda Game Studios in Maryland and the division in Austin, formerly known as Battlecry Studios. According to rumors, the forthcoming Fallout online project. Initially, continues to Kotaku, the game was conceived as a multiplayer version of Fallout 4. Since then, the project has changed — we are entitled to expect a full story and quests, which is famous for Bethesda Game Studios. In addition to this, the game will be construction of the base. As you develop the gameplay varies considerably, but its Foundation had already formed.

A rumor about a network entity Fallout 76 confirmed an anonymous user imigrantow, predicted the announcement in December of last year. According to him, we are waiting for a clone of Rust, which will occur near the road connecting the States.

Asylum 76 is located in virtual VA. The hopper is designed for 500 people, included in the number of control shelter, whose residents were not exposed to experiments.

Also please note the date on the computer “PIP-boy” in the movie, 27 October 2102. Perhaps, on 27 October, the game will go on the shelves?

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