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Bethesda are very pleased with the sales of Fallout 76

The company plans to support the game even after 2020.

Fallout 76 received mixed press reviews with only 49 to 53 out of 100 on Metacritic, and disappointed many fans. However, if you believe Bethesda Softworks, the abundance of negative feedback is misleading: the company is very pleased with the sales of the game and making big plans for its development. This was the head of development and Executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard (Todd Howard) told the conference Bethesda Game Days within PAX East 2019.

Howard did not disclose sales data, saying only that they were “very, very good.” The following story starts at around 30:54 in the recording of the broadcast below.

“Fallout 76 quite similar to other games of our Studio, he said. We knew that kid was trouble, and some of them were much more serious than we thought. It’s too unusual project for us. We continue to be engaged in other, more traditional for Bethesda, well, games. But many difficulties have arisen during development, and some, unfortunately, people see with their own eyes”.

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“Our Studio has grown considerably: we now have four offices in North America in Rockville, Austin, Dallas and Montreal, – continued the head. – [Fallout 76] demanded the collaboration of a huge number of people from all these teams. And we knew that the launch will be only the beginning. We are incredibly pleased that the game started very, very well.”

“Fallout 76 has acquired a huge audience of many millions of players, and we charge them a huge amount of reviews, noted Howard. – Our goal is to build a sort of platform that will be able to develop in the future. We have plenty of ideas. We have already passed a crazy way, but are encouraged to look to the future. […] We have to add a lot of cool content. This project has given us an incredible experience. We will try to do everything to thank the fans. We have big plans for this, 2020, and subsequent years”.

The initial support plan Fallout 76 was published last year, and in February, the developers have introduced a new road map. The first of the announced series of updates to Wild Appalachia, started on March 12 and among other things already added the ability to do the distilling and brewing, and mode “Survival” (Survival). April 9, gamers will be able to start their own vending machines and to place a new chain of quests Shear Terror!, and on April 16 to take pictures with a camera. May 7 job Ever Upwards! will send players into the thicket, and 23 will be legendary trader.

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Following more free addition, Nuclear Winter of the same regime, system of prestige, which will give advantages to players above level 50, and raids for high-level users in the format of the new shelters is expected in the summer and autumn will appear Wastelanders with new quests to the main storyline, factions, events, gameplay, features and other content. 76 Fallout in the future, as all future games will be released on Steam (now that’s exclusive

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