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Best zombie movies: choice “the Movie”

Just agree: zombies are not Ghost stories, not mummies, not vampires. They should be real bodies of people (sometimes animals) that no longer obey the mind. Either the owners of these bodies died, or was infected with a special virus that turns people into blood thirsty monsters. Movies about zombies hundreds, if not thousands. We offer you the most interesting and different.

Best zombie movies: choice “the Movie”

Train to Busan
Let’s start with hot new releases. No one expected South Korea horror zombie, who suddenly see the whole world. The Koreans were known for dramas and militants, and then a typical Western sub-genre. But the film was very successful and even not too fierce, although naturalism in Korea very much. Sentimental music, often slow, with lots of characters, which are difficult to remember. But sometimes bad, dynamic, exciting and exotic, and that was the reason for the success.

The trailer of the film “Train to Busan”

White zombie
From the latest movies immediately go to a very, very old. It is believed that in the title of this film was first used the word “zombie”. The main role in it played, perhaps, the most famous actor of the horror genre Bela Lugosi. His character turns people into zombies controlled by an evil spirit creatures in human form. The film immediately became a cult classic, entering the Pantheon of major horror 30 years, the founders of the genre.

Frame from the film “White zombie”

Pride and prejudice and zombies
Back into the present again. The most unusual adaptation of the Jane Austen – and unusually accurate in detail. It seems that the British writer is exactly what imagined the dialogues of their characters: here they are shyly trying to define their feelings, and that’s not interrupting a conversation, they start to shred hordes of living dead trying to break them apart.

Trailer of the movie “Pride and prejudice and zombies”

My girlfriend is a zombie
Actually, zombies is very funny. Many are investing in these films, social and even political ideas, but people in creepy makeup, grimacing and crawling to their victims, look very funny. But not in this movie, where the guy wanted to break up with a girl and she turned into a zombie and now doesn’t want to part with it. She has an affair with him, and let the skin hanging from her skull, she still wants to kiss at all costs. This is a sad and true story that as soon as you try to break off relations, “the former” or “ex” is scary to watch and it turns into a nightmare.

Movie trailer of “My zombie girl”

Warm bodies
But love between human and zombies can be quite different. In a world where zombies have long been at war with the people, a young boy zombie suddenly meets a normal girl. And between them was the start of something Shakespearean, no wonder his name is R., and her – Julia. Apparently, the difference between people and zombies is not so great, just love it can destroy it. Left to make cruel cannibals, and heavily armed fellow Julia to believe it.

The trailer of the film “Warm bodies”

Deadly hunger
About the feelings of zombies, we already learned something. But what feels the one who needs to turn into a zombie because he was bitten and is now a deep inner transformation can not be avoided? The low-budget film “Deadly hunger” is clearly made with an eye to bizarre Kafkaesque novels and their kinopalatsi. This is the story of a young man about what it means to become a violent cannibal, not remembering himself at the sight of blood.

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A scene from the movie “Deadly hunger”

Dead alive
Usually still making movies happen much faster and not psychological. So, the world-famous Peter Jackson came before Tolkien blockbuster, when he took the comic zombie horror about the consequences of the bites of rabid monkeys. Budding Roman boys with a girl turned into a bloody massacre, a special role in which was played by the mower. A scene where a character cuts a zombie with this household tool has become the textbook.

Trailer of the movie “dead Alive”

Evil dead
Known to Sam Raimi also came many years before the trilogy of Spiderman. After all, he took one of the world’s most famous zombie horror “the evil dead”. The film became extremely popular not least because that was really terrible. Some friends in a cabin turn into a zombie at a time, and slowly enough to harrass them and the spectators nerves. These zombies are tricky, they have a specific sense of humor, and they pretend to be alive, which is especially creepy. In the course of the film, Raimi began to parody the original, and the third part – it is an outright Comedy.

The trailer of the film “the evil dead”

Resident evil
Something similar happened with the commercially successful movie series about zombies based on the popular video games. A few parts no one remembers what happened with the umbrella Corporation, as the Earth’s population is infected by the zombie virus and where does the sexy babe armed to the teeth. But the fifteenth year Alice methodically shoots the zombies in each movie series, and fans of the franchise becoming more and more. It is strange to think that one day these adventures will end.

Trailer of the movie “Resident evil: the final Chapter”

About death, about love
The film is also known as “the Man with kladbishe” and “Gravedigger”. It’s once again about an unusual love in a cruel world. The work of Francesco Dellamorte is to shoot the dead rising from the graves with enviable regularity. He does it professionally, with pleasure. But he’s a gentle, open to a big feeling of heart, and it will open towards you… But let’s not spoil the fun with spoilers.

The trailer of the film “About death, about love”

Connoisseurs of the genre horror by the Spaniards, of course, also could not get past the zombies. Money from the authors of the film were few, and talent – much more so they resorted to cheap and also fashionable varieties mocumentary of found footage, that is what is happening as if it would be removed in fact a journalist, and it found the files “gathered” movie. The action is concentrated in one apartment building, where not so easy to get. The reason, of course, the tenants have turned into a zombie. Reporter Angela does not lose the professional acumen and continues to report from the scene.

Movie trailer of “Report”

28 days later
Not so often Directors with a world name are resolved to make a zombie film. Danny Boyle took a chance and took a picture, which became one of the most famous “horror” of the new century. It’s not just a zombie Apocalypse, a Thriller in which the main character is not hiding from the hordes of enemies, but all the time moving. At least because they’re incredibly fast, unlike the traditional slow louts. The scene when the hero regains consciousness after 4 weeks after a major disaster, do honour to any genre. Whether it is alone in the world, whether alone, not counting zombies, or does not one, but this problem will be even greater. The sequel was far less spectacular, though and rented it to different people.

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Trailer of the movie “28 days later”

Night of the living dead
We’ve been putting this off, but most can’t. Any conversation about zombies in the movie inevitably comes down to George Romero, who filmed these cute and deplorable beings many films and in different genres. “Night of the living dead” is a milestone for many fans of zombies. The first film about Romero zombies, black and white, almost bezbyudzhetnoe gathered the less impressive box office – $ 12 million at a cost of 100 thousand. This has forced the industry to reconsider its attitude to Romero, and to the rolling possibilities of paintings about zombies. Taken to see the film’s social subtext, but for most of the audience was more important than form, which later were repeated in the movie. Zombies are the living dead, cannibals, practically invulnerable, except the brain, which is mortal. They attack groups and people come together in groups and hold the Fort. Imitators declined this structure hundreds of times and continue to do so until now.

A scene from the movie “night of the living dead”

Dawn of the dead
It’s also George Romero, but with a different shape, again determined future films of zombies. Such films are called zombie Apocalypse, this is a real Thriller where zombies had, at the beginning of the action, to seize strategic targets. Films where people were in the minority, much less, because it is technically more difficult and expensive to remove, but every time they appear, the audience showed great interest. It was the remake of “dawn of the dead” and “World war Z” and, for example, a relatively recent film, too, as Romero’s “land of the dead”, about which his fans can not reach a unified opinion and still continue to argue.

A scene from the movie “dawn of the dead”

A zombie named Sean
Perhaps the most witty, funny, satirical and clever movies about zombies shot in this century – trilogy of comedies, “a Zombie named Sean”, “hot fuzz” and “world’s end”. In this case, although formally only the first film about traditional zombies, in a broad sense, all three paintings dedicated to the fact that for normal guys, especially drunk, the widespread narrow-minded idiocy at some point everyone turns into a riot of vampires. Not so important, they zombies or aliens, they are still strangers, aggressive and limited, hence they are doomed to lose when the good guys are fighting back.

The trailer of the film “a Zombie named Sean”

Unknown the project of Vasily sigareva
In Russia, films about zombies from time to time appear, but the positive resonance, in addition to the necrorealist Yevgeny Yufit, they never called. Therefore, all cinephiles are looking forward to the zombie Apocalypse from one of the most prominent authors of the Russian movie Vasily sigareva who has already proven what he can do and to scare and to laugh, and mix genres in any proportion. Soon he will hopefully show the world that our zombies are not worse than American, Korean, and Spanish. But in his recent film “to Live” zombie is too scary to win the people’s love. It can survive only a few.

The trailer of the film “to Live”

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