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Best tips to remove belly fat

Лучшие советы, как убрать жир с животаIt may surprise you, but everyone on my stomach have some amount of fat, even those who have a flat stomach.

If you think that remove belly fat using diet or exercise, separately from each other, then you are deeply mistaken.

No diet will help you lose weight in the stomach without using exercise.

Only will give you positive results and help to lose weight.

There is something called the zone diet which focuses on losing weight in certain areas of the human body. In such a diet includes the following foods that can be eaten: seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dairy products, fish, poultry, berries and seafood. Also at this time, it is necessary to exclude completely from the diet, whole milk, fried foods, various quick soups and cereals, sugar, meats, chocolates and of course pastries.

These products are suitable for fractional power in small volumes, meals can be divided into six stages per day. No need to overeat, but to stay hungry, too, should not, eat in moderation.

If you are seriously decided to remove belly fat, you need to give up alcohol, sugary drinks and packaged juices with sugar. Best consumed as a drink black or green tea, which helps to break down fats. You can also drink black coffee without adding milk and sugar.

To lose weight in this area of the body you need to do fasting days for weight loss, the most popular are fasting days on yogurt and apples. Such days will provide an opportunity to activate the metabolism and to remove toxins from your body. In addition to the yogurt or apples you need to drink 1.5 liters of mineral water without gas or green tea. Such days should not be repeated more than one time per week otherwise you will only aggravate your health.

Also we should not forget about exercise. Try to do regular abdominal exercises. To remove excess fat from the abdomen, you can roll a Bicycle or an exercise bike, run or swim, not to sit in one has, and move more. To consolidate can help you with breathing exercises to follow along with all kinds of weight loss.

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