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Best serial actress this year. Photo

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. ФотоTaking stock of the year.

The current television year gave us as many great series, so dozens of fine acting job and a large number of colourful characters.

Among them — the sudden transformation of the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, two new Australian star beauty “World Wild West” and the ubiquitous “Girls”. Continuing to knock out of the year, it’s time to recall the ten Actresses who in 2016 on TV pleased us the most.

Riley Keogh

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

It is considered that from the former models and the heirs of great men rarely make good actors or Actresses. But Riley Kio can completely disprove this statement. Former star of Victoria’s Secret, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, this year she played her first big role in the TV series “call Girl”. Here, its share dropped everything from grueling games on the verge of madness to the many explicit scenes.

Elizabeth Debicki

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

Australian troops in Hollywood there is a new addition. Last year, 25-year-old Debicki settled for minor roles in the films “the Great Gatsby” and “Macbeth.” This appeared first in the main female role in the mini-series “Night administrator”, and then pulled himself on the TV series “Event in Kettering”, reminding many of us of the great “twin Peaks”.

Evan Rachel Wood

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

After the role in “the Wrestler” on wood for five years was talking about how young and promising. Then there was a period of calm, and in 2016 she is back in the game. And, having played in the TV series “Westworld” is Evan Rachel not just appeared at the hearing, but at the end of the year and was nominated for a Golden globe.

Jenna Coleman

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

Several years ago she became famous for the role of Clara Oswald in “Doctor Who”, for which even received some British awards. But then Coleman was more of just another beauty from the environment of the Doctor. Now she is one of the best Actresses Britain and her role of Queen Victoria in the same series — one of the best dramatic works of the year.

Tandy Newton

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

“World Wild West” is a great example of the new feminist vectors in the movies and on TV. It is no coincidence that the female characters here were first cast, but two major revelations of the series was the game-Evan Rachel wood and Tandy Newton. In the case of the latter, revealing that previously she had to play and Bernardo Bertolucci, and “Mission impossible” by John Woo. But it was after the series know about it absolutely everything.

Sarah Paulson

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

There are Actresses who quickly flare up and then disappear from sight, and there are those who come to success after years of hard work. Sarah Paulson is the latest. It gave the world the Ryan Murphy series “American horror story”, but the real fame she got only to 41 years, receiving an Emmy for her role in “American crime story”.

Allison Williams

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

The fifth season of “Girls” was the key to the history of the series, and its main star unexpectedly not the Creator and lead actress Lena Dunham, and Allison Williams and her character Marnie. The whole season started with her wedding, then had a lot of bright moments with showdown with her husband, but the best was a series devoted entirely to a romantic escape with Marnie’s ex-boyfriend.

Michelle Monaghan

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

Michelle Monaghan is known for his roles beautiful and strong women who despite being in the shadow of men fully control them. She was in “true detective”, this will be remembered in the new series “the Way”. The last came out a little ambiguous, but Monahan was one of its main decorations.

Emilia Clarke

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

Each season of “Game of thrones” is returning to screens Emilia Clarke. This time, of course, was not so exciting and new. But her character has fallen a lot of misfortunes: she had to visit a prisoner, narrowly escaped death and, in the end, gained even more power.

Arisen F. Guardiola

Лучшие сериальные актрисы этого года. Фото

In recent time, new faces appear on TV less, and the main rate are increasingly the stars of the big movie. So it was especially enjoyable to see the series “a joke” and his young actors, many of whom until recently was not known to anyone. So, before playing the role of Mylene Cruz, F. Arisen Guardiola appeared only in a tiny episode in the film “Runaway island”. Now, through the efforts of baz Luhrmann, it clearly has a great future, and in movies and in music, because all songs in the series Arisen fulfilled itself.

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