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Best of the best: testing the sports car BMW. Video

Лучшие из лучших: испытания спортивных автомобилей BMW. ВидеоAn incredible sight occurred at some European tracks.

The British edition of CarWow compared on track four “charged” model BMW M2, M4, M5 and M6.

Cars, the total capacity of nearly two thousand horsepower, double-started together with the distance of a quarter mile (402 meters) and on the move.

The youngest of “emok” is equipped with a 3-liter engine producing 370 horsepower. With manual transmission the acceleration of M2 to 100 kilometers per hour takes 4.5 seconds.

The BMW M4 also comes with a “trehlitrovoy”. However, this capacity is 431 force. Coupe with the “mechanics” gaining “hundred” for 4.3 seconds.

The M5 sedan has a 4.4-liter engine. For check was taken of the anniversary 30 Jahre modification — it was equipped with a 600-strong unit. Acceleration to 100 kilometres per hour such sedan takes 3.9 seconds.

M6 coupe with a 4.4-liter V8 560 horsepower gaining “hundred” in 4.2 seconds. As in the case of M5, the gearbox can only be robotic.

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