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Best movies to watch on YouTube

On the most popular video service in the world you can sometimes find full-length movies legally and often for free (most of the novelties, just left the theaters, you can watch for a nominal fee). Our selection includes both domestic and foreign tapes for every taste.

Best movies to watch on YouTube

The real illusion of fear, which began in 2009, tells the story of the Metropolitan life-1950’s. A group of young people defending their right to individuality – against the backdrop of these events, develops a dramatic love story. Do not forget that this film became the most successful Russian musical composer of “Hipsters” was made by Konstantin Meladze, and choreographer – Oleg Glushkov. The value of the view – from 39 roubles.

The trailer of the film “Stilyagi”
“Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev was, I think, one of the most talked about films of 2014. The picture tells about the difficult fate of a car mechanic Nikolay Sergeyev, was awarded a Golden globe as best foreign language film and the Cannes film festival prize for best screenplay and a number of other prestigious awards. Without a doubt, this tape is one of the most paradoxical and interesting examples of Russian cinema who got the recognition at home and abroad.

The Film “Leviathan”

“The geographer globe propyl” – screen adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Alexei Ivanov, where the main role was played by Konstantin Khabensky, Elena liadova and Agrippina Steklov. The film tells the story of a young biologist Victor Sluzhkin that from lack of money and frustration finds a job as a geographer at the Perm school, overcoming a cheating spouse. The cost of viewing the movie on YouTube – from 39 roubles.

“The geographer globe propyl.” Trailer

Patriotic picture, published in 2014, tells of how insignificant it would seem that man can affect the fate of many people and even save them from certain death. The lives of 800 people in the old dormitory is under threat because of the indifference of the local authorities: the building could collapse at any second. Ironically, only a simple plumber making any attempt to prevent the impending disaster. The film can be viewed for a fee of 39 rubles.

“Fool.” Trailer
The film by Alexei German Jr.’s happening in 2017. The world is waiting for the big war. The characters in the film live completely different lives, but each of them belongs to those who in the classical Russian literature called “superfluous people”. This is a story about their life, overcoming and struggle. The film is available to view for 69 rubles.

“Under electric clouds”. Fragment
PSYCHO Iconic black-and-white picture of “masters of horror” Alfred Hitchcock: even half a century after the release of “Psycho” remains one of the most terrifying thrillers in history. Young woman Marion crane, unhappy affair with a divorced man, pay attention to her only arrivals, at work steals a large sum of money in a hurry and ran out of town. At the Motel where she was staying for the night, she has to face with its enigmatic owner… the value of the view – from 49 rubles.

“Psycho.” Trailer in English.
“Close encounters of the third kind”
American science fiction film of 1977 directed by Steven Spielberg. In the center of the plot – meeting people with an alien civilization, which means “encounters of the third degree.” In 1978, the film was nominated for the award “Oscar” in eight categories, winning one for cinematography. On YouTube you can watch or rent the film for a fee from 49 rubles.

A scene from the movie “Close encounters of the third kind”

Acclaimed painting by David Fincher based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, has long been recognised as a cult among fans of films of this genre. The story is about afflicted with chronic insomnia office clerk, who one day meets a charismatic soap salesman Tyler Durden. Tyler sure that cultivation — for the weak and self — destruction- the only thing worth living for. Men are gradually becoming dependent physical violence, which pushes them to form their own Fight club. The film is available to view for 56 rubles.

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“Fight club”. Trailer in English
Space drama Alfonso Cuaron – winner of seven awards “Oscar”, including for best Director. The plot of Gravity – the astronaut-researcher Ryan stone, who due to an unexpected and destructive cosmic cataclysm is the only survivor on the International space station. Communication with Earth is lost, and she has to find a way back home. The full version of the film available for 229 rubles.

“Gravity”. Duplicate passage
When the time of humanity on Earth came to an end, scientists have to find new habitat, studying the nearest exoplanet, the terms of which are similar to earth and suitable for life. In order to make a unprecedented space travel, the main character and a team of other testers have to say goodbye to their families, because research can take the rest of their lives. The picture can be viewed for 229 rubles.

“Interstellar”. Official trailer
The first film of Andrei Tarkovsky – and one of the best Soviet war movies. The great Patriotic war reflected not in the crucial battles and intrigues – and in the eyes of 12-year-old Ivan, whose family was killed by the Nazis.

Shot from a film “Ivanovo the childhood”

The winner of the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival is a unique achievement of the Russian cinema. If you are striking cinematography in “Gravity,” the films of Alejandro Inarritu and Terrence Malick, you will be surprised even more: the operator Sergey Urusevsky so could back in 1957.

Frame from the film “the cranes are Flying”

The protagonist of “Calf” – Lenin, however, it is difficult to imagine a film less like the traditional kinesiograph. Sokurov Lenin – a sick person who can’t not to influence the destiny of the country, but also to cope with your own body. “Taurus” is the second part of Sokurov’s tetralogy, which also includes the “Moloch”, “Sun” and “Faust”.

Frame from the film “Taurus”

“Stoker” – technically one of the easiest films Balabanov. He could easily be a short film, if you cut long passages of characters from point to point. However, all Balabanovo features: a minimum of expressive means and dialogue only enhance the tension.


“Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf”Cartoon Studio “the Mill”, which formed the famous Russian fairy tale. Ivan to get the wife a king’s daughter, have to go to “I don’t know where,” “find something, do not know what.” All according to the canons. Vasilisa – the Princess burning with desire to marry Ivan, but still not a night – time meditation is. Ivan in his campaign to help the faithful friend, the Grey Wolf.

“The elusive Avengers”One of the most famous Soviet adventure films. Its events unfold in the years of Civil war 1917-1923 gg. Main characters – Xanga, Danka, HART and Yashka-Tsygan try to deal with the ataman Burnison, which, under the flags of White robbing civilians. The picture show you can follow this link.

Frame from the film “the Elusive Avengers”

“Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin snakes”Another cartoon Russian animation Studio “Melnitsa”. In the center of his story – the hero Alyosha Popovich. His heroic destiny began with an unpleasant incident – trying to get rid of the Cougar, which went up to Rostov, he destroyed half the city. The mistake he, of course, corrected, but this had a good try.

“Carnival night”a Classic of Soviet cinema. The acting Director of the Culture House Pickles decides what to meet New year in a serious mood. He decided to reduce the amount of holiday rooms, which are prepared in advance workers of a recreation center, and cause the event of special rapporteurs. His idea nobody liked. With the help of various above, uniting the efforts of the staff of the House of Culture, still fails to meet the January 1, exactly as they wanted it. Watch the movie here.

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Frame from the film “carnival night”

“Life in a day”Is a pilot project of YouTube and producer Ridley Scott. 24 Jul 2010 any of the inhabitants of our planet could upload to the service your film – a film about how he spent each day of his life. To shoot video you can advance, but to participate in the project would be limited only to those materials which were loaded on 24 July. Of uploaded movies Ridley Scott seized those who then entered the film “Life in a day”. This tape is presented in our review in English with Russian subtitles.

Crime drama Peter Buslov – one of those films that is directly associated to the Russian cinema of the 2000s in General. The story of four friends who run in the Russian hinterland, were equally tough and sentimental film, the Russian analogue of Martin Scorsese. The film received a sequel, which can also be viewed for free.

Historical drama by Sergei Bodrov about Genghis Khan was nominated for “Oscar” from Russia, and at the same time proof that costume in the movie is important not only scale, but also psychology. After the Mongol Bodrov pulled off a blockbuster already in Hollywood – “the Seventh son”.

Perhaps the most famous film by Alexei Balabanov – if “Boomer” has become an iconic picture of the 2000s, the “brother” is the 1990s. As “Boomer”, he continued, and it caused conflicting emotions that was not the crime drama.

Danila Bagrov returned in 2000 in the new movie had less of cruelty, to many it seemed almost a commercial project, obviously inferior to inevitably true of the first part. Others, however, see it as a completely independent piece, the logical development of the story and the change of surroundings, and copying of its own success – a lot of filmmakers of lesser talent than Balabanov.

“Oligarch” by Pavel Lungin 2002 refuses to demonize the title character: the character of Vladimir Mashkov that is fundamentally of all, is a charismatic, enthusiastic person. His path to wealth can cause all sorts of issues, but the life force – that’s what excites Lungin.

A film by Alexander Rogozhkin, 1995 claims a simple idea: the main “feature hunting” is not the process and the more trophies, and how it brings people together and even representatives of different cultures and nationalities.

One of the best films about the torment and uneasiness of the Soviet intelligentsia. The main character played by Oleg Basilashvili – a translator by profession, a tormented man who is torn between his wife and mistress, principles and urgent needs. Infirm or very good – to solve to the spectator.

The film of Eldar Ryazanov and therefore remained in the history, this is a pretty rare case in Soviet cinema when it is difficult to define the genre. This Comedy, romance, and adventure, and a story about a thief (Innokenti Smoktunovsky) suddenly stripped of the traditional prescriptive approach.

Adaptation of the Alexander grin in the USSR had been viewed more than 22 million viewers. The story of a girl dreaming of how her fishing village, the Prince will sail under the scarlet sails, by careless execution would have been the sight of children’s. But the universal power of the tale embodied in the film by Alexander Ptushko with genuine expression.

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