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Best inventions of 2016. Photo

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. ФотоRating from Time magazine.

Every year Time magazine chooses the best invention that has made the world better, smarter and sometimes more fun.

This year the list includes sneakers with auto-lacing, the universal refuge, the space laboratory, and more.

Much of what was presented, is already available, while other devices are still only in concept form.

1. Floating light bulb Flyte

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Swedish scientist Simon Morris (Simon Morris) since childhood, fond of levitation. He even managed to turn the skateboard into a hoverboard to fly over the earth.

Now he has decided to create a levitating light bulb Flyte that hovers and rotates with electromagnetism and glows due to resonant inductive coupling. The light was successfully sold since then was released in January of this year, and Morris is planning to create a series of floating objects.

2. Folding bike helmet Morpher

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

British inventor Jeff Woolf (Jeff Woolf) like many cyclists, too, has not escaped the accident and the only thing that saved him, was the helmet. However, many of his countrymen do not wear a helmet due to the fact that it is too cumbersome and will not put your bag or backpack.

Wolfe has solved this problem and created the Morpher folding helmet made of woven plastic, such as durable as traditional hats, but flexible enough to fold almost flat shape and easy to carry.

3. Sun roof Tesla

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Many buyers of home solar panels faced a dilemma, how to help the environment and save money. Tesla gave the answer to this question and created a Sun roof – the number of tiles covering the roof of the house, seemingly little different from the usual tiles that use the Sun’s energy.

4. Sneakers with auto-lacing Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Everyone who watched the movie “Back to the future”, would like to have three things: time travelling, the DeLorean car, the hoverboard and samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers.

Now, thanks to Nike sneakers with automatic laces a reality. When you push the button near the tongue, the laces on sneakers HyperAdapt 1.0 will be delayed or unclench around my feet. A simplified lace-up can be helpful to athletes and to people with limited motor function.

5. Football field that can be placed in any place

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

District Klong Toei in Bangkok is densely populated and covered with buildings, leaving free space for new parks, not to mention the rectangular football field for children.

Firm AP Thailand decided to approach this problem on its own. Using aerial they found a deserted place or unused land with unusual shapes and covered them with concrete, paint and materials, slip-resistant, and all necessary thing a sports facility. New soccer fields are immediately filled with children after school.

6. Headset virtual reality PlayStation VR

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Today to get access to advanced virtual reality technology, sometimes you have to spend several thousands of dollars, not only for the headset, but for the computer that will be able to support it.

Sony decided to release a more affordable PlayStation VR helmet working with the PlayStation 4, which already have with many people.

7. Marijuana, which will replace tablets

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Many people rely on pharmaceutical means for the treatment of common ailments such as insomnia and headache. More and more studies show that medical marijuana has certain advantages.

In this regard, the company Hmbldt decided to release a series of evaporators, which spray oil medical marijuana, to help the person calm down, sleep or relieve pain, while not leading him in a drugged state.

Latest invention 2016

8. The best alarm clock Hello Sense

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Hard to believe that alarm clock, which mercilessly lifts us out of bed every morning, can improve your sleep.

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New Hello Sense is not a simple alarm clock, a gadget that measures temperature, humidity, light and air quality in the bedroom to create the perfect conditions for sleep. It also monitors sleep cycles and wakes you when you are most ready to do so by simple voice commands.

9. Eagle bus 360, which rotate in all directions

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

To the extent that, as more and more companies are developing unmanned vehicles, Goodyear has decided to reinvent the wheel.

The concept of a spherical tire allows the vehicle to move in many directions, for example sideways for parallel Parking or angle and at a certain speed to counteract slippery surfaces.

The concept is based on magnetic levitation. At the time, as usual the tires are screwed to the car, the wheels 360 Eagle soar. These wheels are designed for unmanned vehicles and will appear not earlier than in 5 years.

10. Smart toothbrush Quip

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

According to a recent study, every second person does not brush his teeth twice a day, and 3 out of 4 people do not replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

Inventor Simon Enever (Simon enever at) along with his partner bill may (Bill May) has created a Quip – simple, affordable toothbrush on batteries with a timer that vibrates every 30 seconds for 2 minutes to remind the user to change the position of the brush.

11. Utensils for people with reduced cognitive functions

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Inventor Shao Yao (Yao Sha), knows firsthand about Alzheimer’s disease. She often had to watch as her grandmother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, resented simple actions, such as the use of utensils.

Nuclear weapons have created special dishes for people with Alzheimer’s and other diseases that affect the brain and body. So, in ware used bright colours to help the person distinguish the plate from food, and rubber base caps to prevent spillage.

12. Universal asylum Better Shelter

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Ikea Foundation has created Better shelters Shelter – a temporary home equipped with door locks and solar panels that can be folded and assemble in less than 4 hours, as a famous furniture from Ikea.

The office of the high Commissioner United Nations for refugees has helped send more than 16 000 of such shelters around the world, as humanitarian organizations and aid agencies to the refugees turned them into hospitals, reception areas, training centers and other buildings.

13. More powerful and soft, hair dryer Dyson Supersonic

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

James Dyson (James Dyson) has created a dryer, which unlike traditional, noisy, heavy and not such fast models, performs its work quite effectively, but quiet due to the small engine and up to 110 000 rpm.

In addition, it is fast due to its design, increasing air flow and gentle to the hair thanks to a sensory mechanism, which monitors the temperature.

14. Potatoes, which saves lives

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

In African countries, more than 43 million children under the age of 6 suffer from a lack of vitamin A, which they are more susceptible to diseases such as blindness, malaria, and others.

Scientists from CIP and HarvestPlus companies decided to help these countries, and brought sweet potatoes enriched with vitamin A, which is also resistant to drought and viruses

15. Small drone Dji Mavic Pro

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

In recent times, drones have become smarter, faster and better to take photos. But for the most part they are still too bulky so you can carry them with you.

Drone Dji Mavic Pro, which appeared in September, is equipped with technology to avoid obstacles camera with 4K resolution and the ability to follow objects in flight. In addition, it folds to the size of a loaf of bread and fits easily in a backpack or bag.

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16. Contactless thermometer Arc InstaTemp

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Anyone with a small child, you know how difficult it is sometimes to measure the temperature in the traditional way and made to sit still even for a moment. Therefore, recently many companies have started to issue contactless thermometers that quickly and accurately measures body temperature using infrared technology.

The latest of such models Arc InstaTemp, measures body temperature from a distance of 2.5 cm from the forehead of the patient and gives measurements in 2.5 seconds, with a red, yellow or green.

17. Artificial pancreas Minimed 670g

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

People with diabetes need constantly to check blood sugar and correct it with insulin and food.

Medtronic company decided to substantially ease this process by using artificial pancreas Minimed 670g . The device is about the size of an iPod attached to the body and measures the blood sugar every 5 minutes, providing the right amount of insulin as needed.

18. Space laboratory “Tiangong-2”

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Space laboratory “Tiangong-2” (or “heavenly Palace 2”) with a length of 10.4 meters and a width of 4.2 meters and includes a compartment for physical activity and medical experiments.

Compared to ISS is a rather modest laboratory, but China has built its own and plans to launch a basic module for a larger space station by 2018.

19. A prosthesis for games Iko

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Prosthesis Iko, created by Carlos Arturo Torres (Carlos Arturo Torres) allows to replace the child lost a limb, and comes with lots of accessories, which are compatible with Lego products.

20. Electric Car Chevrolet Bolt

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Most electric cars fall under two categories: either too expensive, or are limited editions.

The Chevrolet Bolt electric car from General Motors designed to solve these problems and meet the demands of consumers. It can drive more than 320 km on one charge at a relatively low cost.

21. Bracelet for children UNICEF Kid Power Band

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

The UNICEF Kid Power bracelet Band motivate kids to become physically active using a mobile application. Children gain points that turn into food rations from UNICEF which sends needy children around the world. Thus, this allows the children to feel that they can change the world.

22. Wireless headphones Apple AirPods

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Apple AirPods wireless headphones auto connect to the iPhone, is equipped with a microphone (which allows you to control the phone using Siri) and get the position in the ears, allowing it to automatically pause when you pulled one of the earphones to someone to talk to.

23. Bluetooth speaker Amazon Echo

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Bluetooth speaker Amazon Echo looks like a standard column with the Bluetooth, but with this column you can talk to. The idea is not new as there is already a similar system, such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

Speaker Amazon Echo is equipped with tens of applications, allowing you to call a taxi, turn off the lights and order a pizza.

24. Personal air purifier Wynd

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

Regardless of where we live, we almost always inhaled a lot of chemicals and pollutants. Personal air purifier Wynd – portable air filter the size of a water bottle creates clean climate by absorbing pollution, including those that contribute to cancer and heart disease in the immediate vicinity.

25. Barbie that look like real girls

Названы лучшие изобретения 2016 года. Фото

During the 57 years of the famous doll was asking the unrealistic standards of female beauty. However, Mattel decided to change the situation and to produce Barbie, which will be more like real girls.

Although the original doll is still available, now you can choose from three body type (thin, tall and curvaceous), skin color and hair texture.

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