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Best foods for heart health

Названы лучшие продукты для здоровья сердцаDoctors advise to choose products with a high level of fiber.

U.S. scientists conducted a study which helped them to identify the special power action with a high level of fiber on the human body. According to doctors, the fiber has a “huge critical” value.

The authors work on the effect of steel fiber clinicians from northwestern University, in a project involving more than 11 thousand volunteers aged from 20 to 59 years. Scientists came to the conclusion that eating foods with fiber is in particular important for the heart.

Fiber, or dietary fiber, is the component of plant foods, which during the advance through the gastrointestinal tract is not converted to simple sugars and excreted out from the body. Daily recommended medical norm of consumption of fiber is 20 to 45 grams.

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A new study has shown that regular consumption of foods rich in fiber, can prevent heart disease. In this case, as were able to see specialists, the effect of the consumption of fiber increased, depending on the age of the participants.

“People ate food more dietary fiber significantly less likely to develop cardiovascular disease throughout life. The fiber was particularly useful in preventing a lifetime risk of cardiovascular diseases among the age groups 20 to 39 years and 40 to 59 years”, – said doctors the results of their observations.

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Scientists remind us that the maximum amount of fiber contained in fresh plant foods, among which are the real leaders in its content.

Most dietary fiber contained in the bran and whole grains, and also nuts, berries, vegetables and fruits with a hard rind.

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