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Best foods for effective weight loss

Названы лучшие продукты для эффективного похуденияScientists have named four products that simplify the process of weight loss

There are products that simplify the process of weight loss and help the body burn excess fat.

For a slim figure important regular exercise and healthy balanced diet. To reach your goals faster, you should pay attention to four fat burning foods.

Greek yogurt

Due to the thick consistency and a significant concentration of nutrients, Greek yogurt is able to suppress hunger. However, many manufacturers increase the caloric content of yogurt, adding to its composition the cream. It is therefore important to look at the product label.

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brown rice

Foods high in fiber such as brown rice, are digested slowly. Therefore, in the intervals between meals, the longer a person feels full and full of energy.


The chemical capsaicin which chili is so spicy increases metabolism and helps the body convert harmful white fat into beneficial brown. As you know, white fat stores energy, and brown it spends.

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This colorful berry is 92% water. Filling the stomach a watermelon man, and not gaining excess calories, and leaves no room for other food. Besides, watermelon contains vitamins A and C.

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