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Best exercises to combat facial wrinkles

Лучшие упражнения для борьбы с мимическими морщинамиFitness for the face is a great way to get rid of wrinkles.

Fitness for face is a specialized exercise that strengthens facial muscles, improves skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.

Quite often, the appearance of premature wrinkles is due to the active and uneven activity of the facial muscles. This activity arises from the fact that we experience many different emotions, which involved different muscles.

However, to not get upset, because this can be avoided if you regularly do special exercises for the muscles of the face. It is best to run it at night to facial muscles have time to relax. Dry skin it is advisable to lubricate the fitness for the face cream.

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By the way, the fitness for the face, this is a great example of how to reheat cooled-off love relationship. After all, the gorgeous appearance is a guarantee that your significant other will long continue to nourish an interest in you.

Exercises for face

Wrinkle in the forehead:

– raise and lower eyebrows. Repeat 100 times.
– the palm put on the forehead, firmly press. Try to raise your eyebrows, but don’t let them to do it.
– put both palms on your forehead, try to frown, not allowing to do it with his hands.

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Against wrinkles in the eye area:

– quickly and firmly zazhmurtes, repeat about 100 times.
– put your fingers on the lateral edges of the skin around the eyes, push the skin towards the head, slowly and strongly zazhmurte.

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