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Best European cities to celebrate Christmas

Лучшие города Европы для празднования РождестваThere would always be special.

The Ukrainians this year will rest in the Catholic tradition. Why not spend it in one of the European countries and see with your own eyes how this day is celebrated there? Where it is possible to meet this Christian holiday.

5 cities in Europe to spend Christmas - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


In the capital of Denmark in the famous Tivoli amusement Park you are immediately imbued Christmas mood. This is one of the oldest European parks makes Copenhagen the sparkling fun, bright creates a festive mood in the city. In anticipation of the main Christian holiday in Tivoli is deployed the famous Christmas fair. In the evenings, turn on the festive lights, and the trees are coloured lights festive lights. And all this splendor can be seen today and until the New year.


It’s a magical city in Belgium, where every stone a witness of history. Historic centre of Brugge, a UNESCO world heritage site, is easily explored on foot. But the main tourist areas are served by free vehicles.

At the end of November the city of Bruges, this medieval centre of Belgium, became the center of the Christmas holiday break of the Belgians. It not only pleases you with its unique architecture, but also infects the festive atmosphere with a Christmas tree, smell of tangerines and almond cookies.

In the centre of Bruges on Market square runs the main Christmas fair. And in each district there are many small unique and interesting markets, uniting the whole city in one large holiday miracle.


Wonderful you can spend time in the Austrian capital in the middle of Christmas fairs. Throughout the city there are dozens of them, and in front of city hall is the largest. Every winter in front of Vienna’s town hall grows a little city with a shining Christmas tree, tasty treats and unusual gifts. The Christmas fair last week of November until New year


The city amazes with magnificence at any time, but in the last month of the year before Christmas Prague transformed. On the main square of the city “grows” a live Christmas tree. In December, the “smell” of the festival spreads across the city. Decorated with spruce and pine, fair on the square. Celebrating Christmas is fun, with lots of decorations, fireworks, show. Holiday discounts on branded items attracts not only Czechs, but also many foreign tourists.


Christmas holidays in Italy completely transform the country: as if changing the rhythm of life, he will slow down and that people enjoyed the atmosphere around fabulous atmosphere. Ancient Rome was transformed beyond recognition: Christmas trees and sparkling lights, Christmas songs and decorated for the holiday shop Windows. In the city centre on St Peter’s square rises the large tree. On many squares in Rome there are small markets where you can just have fun, and you can purchase Souvenirs or products of the Italian artisans.

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