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Best country for budget travel. Photo

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. ФотоInteresting places for budget travelers.

As you know, happiness is not about the money but the opportunities they provide. Recent years, more and more people are willing to change prestigious position on the flexible schedule to travel and spend more time with his family.

Such rampant wanderlust is not surprising: on our planet there are many places that are worth to see them with my own eyes.

We offer to your attention a few countries, which will please not only you but also your wallet, because he didn’t have much to lose weight. And still remember, the first rule of interesting and budget travel is to try to avoid the capital side.
1. Peru

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

This country is full of mysteries: Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines, the mountain range of the Cordillera Blanca and lake Titicaca with its floating Islands. All other attributes of the tourist life is also worth your attention, especially because they are more than available – overnight accommodation in a hostel will cost you 10 dollars, and serving of local food will cost you about $ 1.
2. Asia and 6 amazing destinations

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

Before you the case when in one trip you can go around several countries and it did not hit hard on your budget. So, in Laos you can see amazing mountain landscapes, ancient settlements and Buddhist temples adjacent to the French colonial architecture.

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Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

Thailand will enchant you not only a rich culture, amazing cuisine and beautiful beaches, but also easy to turn from the beaten path and embark on your own adventure. You can always rent a moped and see the picturesque forests, mountains, and also to call in Nakhon si Thammarat province, which is famous for the especially exquisite national cuisine.

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

Malaysia will amaze the amazing landscapes of tea plantations, Cameron highlands, will give the opportunity to spend a day with a local tribe and will surprise many attractions such as Legoland and water parks. Cheap flights airline AirAsia and you’re in Indonesia, a country of volcanoes and beaches, wild jungle and their inhabitants, including tigers and Komodo. On the island of Java you will find the country’s capital, Jakarta. You can also visit the city of Yogyakarta, which is known for its traditional puppet shows.

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

Nepal will delight you with friendly people and unforgettable atmosphere, which is best enjoyed while Hiking or hire a Bicycle. And, of course, will visit India – a country of contrasts, famous for its culture and traditions.

In all these countries, one meal will cost you about a dollar, and the price for a bed in a hostel starts from 10$ (for$ 30 you can even get a hotel room).
3. Greece

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Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

The country, which arose once European civilization, now still is in crisis. However, talking about a budget vacation, the crisis — rather a plus than a minus. Prices in Greece are much lower than in other European countries, the climate is warm, the food is delicious, local and a fun and friendly. One word – a fairy tale, and ideal for summer travel.
4. Morocco

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

If you do not lose your head, in this country you can easily live on$ 30. But if you are willing to spend about 50$, then you can feel free to change hostel on the more atmospheric places, like the cozy guest houses and mini-palaces with several apartments. If you crave to feel the spirit of North Africa, Morocco is waiting for you.

5. Croatia

Лучшие страны для бюджетного путешествия. Фото

Croatia will allow you to enjoy a summer holiday on the Adriatic sea, not having done the holes in your budget. The charm of the ancient cities of Dubrovnik and split will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy the pastoral landscapes of the island of brac and visit the town of Bol, famous beach Zlanti rat – one of the best beaches in Europe.

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