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Best Comedy actors of the Soviet cinema. Photo

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. ФотоIn the Soviet cinema had a lot of great comedies we’ve seen these actors.

Distinguishing comedians was partly hostage to their roles, but the love of the audience to the funny characters have always been huge.

1. Coward, Bobby, Experienced (Georgy Vitsin, Yuri Nikulin, Yevgeny Morgunov)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

Every actor of this Comedy trio has been popular by itself, but together they produced a massive splash. Minor offenders a Coward, Bobby and Experienced first appeared in 1961 in the short film “Dog Mongrel and unusual cross”. The film was enthusiastically received by audiences, and was even nominated for the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival. The roles of participants of a gang the actors appeared in the movie “Bootleggers,” “Let complaint book”, “Operation y…”, “Caucasian captive”, “Seven old men and a girl” in the cartoon “Bremen musicians”. The trio of comedians gathered not immediately Vitsin approved without trial, but the company he could make Sergei Filippov, Mikhail Pugovkin.

2. Shurik (Alexander Demyanenko)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

Good student-klutz Shura has become one of the most beloved heroes of the Soviet cinema. The first appearance of the Shura was held in 1965 in the Comedy of Leonid Gaidai “Operation y” he re rowdy Fyodor, passed examinations with the beautiful Lida and defended the warehouse against theft. A year later he saved Nina from the hot groom in “the Caucasian prisoner”, and in 1973, not just the Shura and inventor Alexander Timofeev, return to the past of Ivan the terrible in the Comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession”. The actor himself Shurik did not like and believed that this way deprived him of his many interesting roles.

3. Ivan Hippolyte, Lieutenant rzhevskii, pacak Bi (Yuri Yakovlev)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

Yuri Yakovlev was a very diverse actor with lots of dramatic characters in the filmography, however, that the comedic characters of an actor “went to the people.” Dashing from the Lieutenant Rzhev “hussar ballad” became the hero of jokes, Ivan the terrible from the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession” is still one of the most popular heroes of the Soviet comedies, serious Hippolytus of “twist of fate” turned the head of many women, who did not approve of the choice in Nadi, and patsaks Bi and chatlanin UEF from dystopia “kin-DZA-DZA” were iconic characters…

4. Tosya, Lyudmila Dobryyvecher, Nadia Berestov (Nadezhda Rumyantseva)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

Charming actress started her film career with the lead role in a drama production, for which he studied lathe, but her real vocation were comedies. Brisk resourceful heroines were all on the shoulder — her Nadia re overage dunce in the Comedy “Resistant”, Lyudmila Dobryyvecher of simple and not too skillful of supremicy became the “Queen of the gas station”, have a huge army of “Girls” could feed a whole crew of lumberjacks and enchant their foreman. By the way, the voice of the comedic actress Hope Rumyantsev said the dramatic heroine of the 80’s- slave Izaura.

5. Gesha Nightjars, Bender, Johnny Fest (Andrei Mironov)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

The actor was wildly popular with viewers in any role in film and theatre, but his Comedy heroes always met with particular delight. All the characters were talented, sophisticated and ironic. His smuggler Gesha from “Brilliant hands” loved “to take a bath and drink a Cup of coffee,” balanced johnny fest pacified and brought up cowboys and Indians through the cinematography, and the movie “12 chairs” until now, the debate continues: who is the best Bender — Mironov or Gomiashvili.

6. Zhenya Lukashin, Anatoly Novoseltsev (Andrey Myagkov)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

In the filmography of drama comedic characters, but they brought Andrew Myagkova huge popularity. Accidentally flown into Leningrad drunk doctor Zhenya Lukashin for more than 30 years, said every New year not only with Nadia, but with the whole country — the film “Irony of fate or With light steam” has become a Christmas tradition on a par with champagne and Olivier. Competition in popularity Lukashin may be only a humble statistician Anatoly Efremovich, suddenly secretive “Office romance” with the boss lady — “nasty woman” Kalugina.

7. Comment By Shura Balaganov, George Miloslavsky (Leonid Kuravlev)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

Brilliant character actor and often starred in the role simple-minded guys, and it was not necessarily Comedy in his filmography, there are dramas, and adventure, and even the only Soviet horror film. But most of all the audience loved his Comedy characters. Careless plumber-Athanasius BORSHCHOV from “Athos”, a simple-minded crook Shura Balaganov of the “Golden calf” and the exquisite thief George Miloslavsky from the Comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation” — roles, which are visible in all facets of the comedic talent of Leonid Kuravlev. By the way, he could play in another famous Comedy “Beware of the car”, but it Detochkina rejected due to the fact that he came out “a proletarian and no weirdness”.

8. Associate Professor, chatlanin UEF, sundresses (Yevgeny Leonov)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

The appearance of the actor already had to the fact that he will be playing mostly in comedies and tragicomedies. The most famous role of Yevgeny Leonov is a criminal associate Professor/head of kindergarten Troshkin in “Gentlemen of fortune”. The skill transformation helped Troshkin to expose the bandits and to the Leonov — to play two different characters. Tragicomic sundresses in the Comedy “the Elder son” the audience has become the most beloved hero of the film, and the rough and cunning chatlanin UEF was not perceived as a negative character due to the charisma of the actor.

9. Yasha, Yakin, father Fyodor (Mikhail Pugovkin)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

He played his first movie role in 1940, and a year later went to the front as a volunteer. Soon he was retired after being injured, but in the movie he continued his military career. It often got Comedy soldiers, sailors, airmen and policemen… One of the highlights of his roles as being related to the army — Jashka-gunner from “Wedding in Malinovka” returned from Austrian captivity and in just two episodes of charmed the audience. Just a few minutes he spent on screen in the Comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, but “paki-paki cherub” directed by Akina quote so far. His adventurous and bursting with greed father Fyodor from “12 chairs” pulled the fans of Rolan Bykov from another film.

10. Lelik, Falcon-Cruisin, Jon Dough, Wolf (Anatoly Papanov)

Лучшие комедийные актеры советского кинематографа. Фото

The glory of comic drama actors Anatolia Papanova brought a retired Lieutenant Colonel Sokol-Cruisin from the Comedy “Beware of the car”. The role was small but memorable to the audience and has become a hallmark of the actor to appear in his filmography smuggler Lelik from “Brilliant hands”. He Papanov, being a man with a good sense of humor, calling these roles the “redneck comic” — they may also include the Wolf from “Nu pogodi!”, which was voiced by the actor. But it Jon was more lyrical character, and gathered a circle of fans, still torn between two brilliant adaptations of the play “12 chairs”.

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