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Best Christmas cartoons. Choice “The Movie”

Christmas, New year, vacations, and children at this time finally can watch feature-length movies at home and rest from school. It remains to choose which cartoons they at this time include. Of course, about the New year and Christmas, and then doubt can not be!

Best Christmas cartoons. Choice “The Movie”

A Christmas story
One of the best movies with a Christmas theme. Combines the magnificence of the prose of Charles Dickens, the directing skills of Robert Zemeckis, actor the charisma of Jim Carrey and the best achievements of the 3D technology available at the time. This cartoon is not for children. To understand this, just watch one of the first scenes where Scrooge steals the coin, closing the eyes of the dead. But then begin to make miracles, and by the end of the tape the viewer feel as renewed as a lonely old miser Scrooge. To complete the transformation.

Trailer of the movie “a Christmas story”

The polar Express
Also Robert Zemeckis and also the magic in every frame. The main character is a boy who lost faith in Christmas and Santa Claus. These young cynics magical train takes every year in the workshop of Santa Claus, so they can see firsthand how they are wrong. As the hero of Fowles, “I entered the territory of the miracle”. A pleasant surprise for all lovers of cinema is the well – known Tom Hanks in the role of one of the main characters.

Trailer of the movie “Polar Express”

The secret service of Santa Claus
The service is so secret that it is better this secret would be kept a secret. But then there would be this witty and very beautiful cartoon. It tells that Santa Claus is a position that is inherited. There is a magical family that for centuries keeps this philanthropic business. The modern Santa has a huge air ship, which operates as a flying factory. In addition, he has two sons – “smart” and “dumb.” A tale, of course, about how “stupid” proved to the world that he is the best heir of the glorious things Santa. But he managed not immediately.

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Trailer of the movie “the Secret service Santa Claus”
The nightmare before Christmas
Orthodox Christmas is usually all partake, and in the West one of the main reasons is to recover and become a Christmas person. That is, it’s very similar. Only in the movies it usually takes quite radical forms. For example, here the protagonist is simply the devil incarnate, the author of the most incredible children’s fears of Jack, the leader of the dark city of the beasts. And that he is destined to learn what is good, light and happiness, and to completely change, despite the desperate resistance of the former friends eastproject. But this path will not be straight, because Jack started with, I decided as a starting point to kidnap Santa and take his place, to make everyone happy – as far as his sick imagination represented happiness.

Trailer of the movie “Nightmare before Christmas”

[URLEXTERNAL=http://filmpro.EN/movies/282854]101 Dalmatians[/URLEXTERNAL]Do not have to be the real Santa and flying reindeer. For example, this famous cartoon, the main characters – a dog who really want to go back to their owners. On Christmas eve the sinister Cruella De vil stole a happy family for fifteen puppies to make their skins for a fur coat. And while dog owners spend time calling the police, the parents of the pups themselves begin the search. Consequently, children have become several times more, but Christmas this will be even more happy.

Trailer of the movie “101 Dalmatians”

Shot from a film “101 Dalmatians”

Felix the cat saves Christmas
Not only dogs can be the guarantors of a happy Christmas. Felix the cat, good-natured cat with a magic bag, known to millions of young viewers for the TV series, and video games, this time re-fighting a crazy scientist named Professor. This time the Professor had gone too far: he invented a terrible snow machine, which its snow storms plagued much of humanity. Felix the cat will find a way to stop the old man. If the “Dalmatians” is a blockbuster family film, Felix is a cartoon for kids. He is very good, there are a lot of funny songs. A great way to occupy kids on 70 minutes.

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Frame from the movie “Felix the cat saves Christmas”

Rise of the guardians
“Felix” is a regular cartoon. “Keepers” – unusual enough that many viewers initially perceive it very cautiously. Strange characters, too dynamic plot, the conflict, the essence of which is not immediately possible to enter. But this film ultimately millions of fans and $ 300 million of box office receipts, which means that it took, and take the heat. Here, not only Christmas, but Easter, and much, much more.

Trailer of the movie “rise of the Guardians”

Cold heart
Disney’s retelling of classic fairy tales can like or dislike, but to ignore them is impossible. Especially in “Cold heart” from Andersen’s fairy tales have remained, except that the magic of the ice, and instead of Kai and Gerda in the center of the plot were two sisters entangled in a relationship with each other and with themselves. This version of “the Snow Queen” is much more optimistic than the quiet Danish fairy tale, and the song Let It Go probably would be plunged Andersen in amazement. But it became a worldwide hit and even won the “Oscar”.

Movie trailer “the Cold heart”

“The snow Queen”
Russian animators, possessing much less financial and technical capacity, were not afraid to compete with the Western allblackberry. They made the first close to the original tale of the heroism of Gerda rescuing Kay, and then turn it into a franchise, with each new episode becoming more technologically advanced and beautiful. In the third part, for example, Gerda has to defeat the Snow Queen in itself, and even to face betrayal from the most unexpected quarter.

Trailer for “the snow Queen 3: Fire and ice”

The snow Queen
And for those who just want to see beautiful cartoon at Andersen is to recommend a classic Soviet cartoon. On the channel “Soyuzmultfilm” he made available as many other wonderful Christmas tale. Here are some of them.

Twelve months

The snowman-mailer

Santa Claus and the Grey wolf

The Nutcracker

Winter in Buttermilk

Santa Claus and summer

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