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Berlin was blamed for the explosion of the car of the OSCE on militants

Берлин возложил ответственность за взрыв машины ОБСЕ на боевиковIn Germany believe that the separatists is “a special responsibility”.

Germany demands that Russia take immediate steps to ascertain the circumstances with the explosion of the car of mission of OSCE on Donbass and punish the guilty. This was stated by the representative of the German government Georg Shtrayter.

“The Federal government expects from the Russian leadership that it will take immediate action to clarify the circumstances of the incident and punish the responsible”, – said the representative of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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According to him, the “Russian-backed separatists, who illegally and forcibly occupied part of Ukrainian territory, lies a special responsibility.”

The official representative of the German foreign Ministry Martin Schaefer, in turn, noted that it is important to clarify whether Sunday’s incident a tragic accident or it means more, sabotaging the work of the OSCE mission.

He also drew attention to the fact that the tragedy actually happened in separatist-controlled territory near Luhansk, “that places a special responsibility on everyone who supports the separatists, those who sit in Moscow.”

The diplomat stressed that Germany supports the important work of the SMM, which for more than two years has done a lot in order not to give this brutal conflict to turn into an open war, and very interested in continuing the work of the mission.

The MFA representative also noted that in light of what happened “will be difficult” to talk about convening a new meeting in Normandy format.

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