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Berlin police opened the hunt for “Darth Vader”

Police officers from Berlin looking for “a tall man dressed in a black cloak, with a flashing panel on the chest and wearing with their red lightsaber” and asked all who saw it, immediately contact with some.

Berlin police opened the hunt for “Darth Vader”

Unusual posters with the words “Wanted!” appeared all over Berlin: the police of the city were members of the comic action, timed to the release of the film “Rogue-One. Star wars: History.” The description of the offender is very similar to Darth Vader, besides, as stated in the leaflets, he “has problems with breath control, prone to outbursts and, apparently, has plans of creating the Death Star”.

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Vader stands in front of the Bundestag

As Vader is one of the most beloved people of the heroes of the Saga “Star wars”, the local population and tourists enthusiastically joined the campaign. They periodically post pictures on which the Lord Sidhu does, it would seem, not very typical things to him: for example, looking at the building of the Bundestag, walking in front of the German Parliament or orders in the cafe currywurst (fried sausage with a sauce of tomato paste and curry) is a popular German fast food. On one of the images Vader buys a ticket for travel on metro. As one of the commentators, at least, a Dark Jedi is not a free rider (Schwarzfahrer German word translates literally as “black rider”).

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Lord of the Sith at the Wiener hut

By the way, to unconventional activities is gradually joined by police from across the country: for example, in the official Twitter of police of the city of Mainz there was a picture of the gallant officer, accompanied by stormtroopers – the inscription reads, “our Jedi” disarmed enemy soldiers.

Post from Twitter to the police of Mainz

@polizeiberlin Unser #Jedi hat in #Mainz zwei #Stormtrooper entwaffnet. Beide halten aber dicht und machen keine Angaben.#BerlinsuchtVader

— Polizei Mainz (@PolizeiMainz) 28 Nov 2016

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