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Bellingcat will call the real name of the second of the probable poisoner Skrobala

Bellingcat назовет настоящее имя второго вероятного отравителя Скрипалей

According to an employee of investigative Bellingcat group, to identify the accomplice Ruslan Bashirov will take about a week or two.

British investigative website Bellingcat, a citizen journalist and blogger Elot Higgins, “in the next week or two” will call the real name of the second defendant in the case of the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury. At the moment, the man known as Alexander Petrov. About the imminent publication of his real name said in a telephone interview with a journalist of the program of current events BBC Newsnight, aired on Thursday, September 27, the employee Bellingcat, which, for security reasons, gave an interview under the pseudonym Moritz Rakowicki.

In his words, “the title Petrova lower” than his partner “Anatoly Chepiga”: “We think it was someone with the rank of captain or Lieutenant”.

Rokicki reported that at the initial stage to identify the first of the suspects employees Bellingcat used their reverse lookup of visual images, rebounding from the photos that was released by British police. While nothing was found, “as is usually the case with people who have no profile in social networks,” said Maurice Rakowicki.

“Shocked high rank”

Then the staff Bellingcat used an “inductive approach” is based on the assumption that both of these individuals – the agents of the Russian government agencies.

In the case of Anatoly Chepiga drew my attention to the fact that he was awarded the title of “Hero of Russia”.

Sources Bellingcat in the Russian military structures “was shocked that the Colonel, Yes Colonel with distinction, was sent on performing “field operations”, a more appropriate status to the captain.”

In their assumptions, this alignment could indicate either that the order for execution could be given at the highest level, or that “the command wanted to please his superiors,” that is Vladimir Putin.

Earlier it became known that the site Bellingcat published an investigation which claimed that the real name Ruslan Bashirov – Anatoly Chapiha. According to the authors, Chapiha – Colonel Chief of the General staff of the Russian Federation (GU, formerly known as the GRU), he was born 5 April 1979 in the village of Nikolayevka in the Amur region, graduated from the far Eastern higher military command school and went to serve in the 14th brigade of the GRU.

Chapiha three times was in business trip in Chechnya, the unit in which he served, was also observed near the Ukrainian border in 2014.

In the same year, Vladimir Putin awarded him the title “Hero of Russia” “for the implementation of the peacekeeping mission.” In Moscow Chapiha graduated from the Academy Department of the armed forces.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions, noted that “I do not know if there is a Colonel (Chapiha. – Ed.)”, he added: “It would be right to ask this question in our defence”.

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