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Bella Hadid startled fans with his appearance in the new shot

Bella Hadid

After the November show, Victoria’s Secret 2018 Bella Hadid seems to not only not allow themselves to gain weight, but continues to dump existing. To such conclusion came the Internet users when he saw 22-year-old model in a new shoot Love magazine.

Publishing shared a video in Instagram showing Hadid swimsuit. In an interview, bell said that finally made itself remembered, as he was dissatisfied with their appearance before.

I grew up not the most confident person. But in the last two years, when my love was near me, health was in the best condition, I felt comfort and was adopted himself, said the model.

But its followers one by one began to criticize the photography and Bella in it: they thought that Hadid looks too thin and unhealthy.

Sad. She talks about accepting yourself, and in fact left of her skin and bones! The fashion industry is disgusting with their barbaric standards of beauty!

A very unhealthy message to impressionable young girls!
Talking about health, and looks painfully thin — responded to network users on a new imagery of Bella.


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