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Belief BQ: Russia’s first Muslim smartphone

All available in Russia, smartphones are divided into many different categories they can be sorted by screen size, memory, operating system, cost and so on. But still never the means of communication are not ranked in religion, followed by their owners, and the company BQ has created a precedent by releasing a smartphone Belief.

BQ Belief is marketed as Russia’s first smartphone for Muslims. And the truth is, in this respect, it has no analogues, and this is its main competitive advantage, although in reality the characteristics and virtues he had much more. The device stands out from all of the company’s lineup BQ and is very different from its competitors in its price range – the developers obviously put a lot of effort to make it unique. Well, they succeeded in full measure, and our task now is to check its technical aspects, because only one orientation of Muslims potential buyers to attract. Just note that from smartphones without focusing on a certain religion new BQ Belief differs only in the specific software. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.



In any case, the smartphone BQ Belief, made in traditional for the current model range BQ color – it is dark blue, with gold lettering and ornaments. What she did not take, so it is filled with information: by itself, the package has a small size, but the manufacturer used the available space as efficiently as possible.

Above you can see the image of the smartphone BQ Belief and understanding in what color he is full. This model comes in dark blue and bright white versions, and we got the first option.

Having considered the design of the device in photos, you can switch to the list of specifications on the back of the packaging. Here is the list of accessories supplied, so without even opening the protective seal on the packaging you can get detailed information about looks BQ Belief and its hardware capabilities.



Smartphone BQ Belief refers to the budget segment and is worth a little more than $100, considering the current at the time of writing the exchange rate is exactly 6000 rubles. Usually phones in this price range, officially sold in Russia can boast advanced equipment, and BQ Belief, alas, is no exception.

In a box with a monoblock can be used to detect removable battery, manual, warranty card, data cable and charger nothing else included not included. Headphone, contrary to expectations, inside the package was not, so they have to buy separately, and it is not good.

Do note that the charger gives a current of 1.5 amperes, which significantly reduces the charging time of the smartphone. Complete manual moderately informative but it is intended only for those who have not previously had to deal with Android-based smartphones, as it contains, though useful, but basic information.


Hardware specifications

To learn about the possibilities of the smartphone BQ Belief by examining its page on the official website BQ, where everything is presented in great detail. If you need a brief list of specs here and will be useful for packaging or manual – here the desired information is present in a more concise form, but also covers all needs for most users aspects.


– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6580, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– video card: built in, Mali-400 MP2;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

– camera: front 5 MP, 8 MP main;

– OS: Google Android 6.0, standard interface, Material UI;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G;

interface: 2xSIM, microSD, microUSB, 3.5 mm;

– communication modules: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, GPS;

– battery: Li-ion 3750 mAh;

– housing: plastic;

– dimensions: 146х72х10 mm;

– weight: 156 grams.


From this list we see the lack of support for cellular networks of the fourth generation and a small amount of internal memory is, in fact, helped to keep the price at the desired level. At the same time, not to mention very high for a budget model the capacity of the staff battery, and she’s here to work out 100%. But more about that later.



BQ Belief came to us to test in a dark-blue body, which he, in our opinion, is much more than white. The thickness of the device is 10 mm, but visually and feel-it seems thinner, although in the hand is thoroughly.

The latter is the merit of a powerful battery, increasing the weight to almost 160 grams. The smartphone feels good in the palm of your hand and does not slip, including due to the rough back cover that also partially covers a side face is made of metal.

Front BQ Belief is a normal modern smartphone with black front panel. The most interesting from the point of view of the design centered on the back panel, and here the authors clearly tried to glory: the first thing catches the eye a beautiful ornament light grey applied very soundly – an attempt to damage his fingernail to success has not led. The plastic itself is textured panel that is clearly visible in the picture.

The General look of BQ Belief makes a very pleasant impression: is it the shade of the body, which, unlike white, gold and pink that is popular now, can not be called hackneyed. It should also be noted is practically zero soiled rear panel, the fingerprints on it almost does not remain, accumulating only in the area of the front panel, which, by the way, has a slightly curved on the sides by glass 2,5 D.



Creating a BQ Belief, the authors of the model chose not to reinvent the wheel and go on the beaten track, so from the point of view of the arrangement of elements is more than standard. It is both good, because they do not have to get used to the new, and bad, because the main speaker had to reschedule at the lower end is located in the lower portion of the rear panel and closes hands during operation.

Another drawback of the smartphone is on-screen buttons, which many other companies do not save and put them directly under the display. Here they occupy a considerable part of the visible area of the screen, and she’s already not very big.

Otherwise the ergonomics of the claims, but there is the past that we can not pass is, again, the back cover. In many machines the BQ back cover is made of flimsy plastic, tending to break at any possible occasion, so that once again it is better not to remove. In BQ Belief, it is not so: the panel is also plastic, but solid and reliable, and this is very important because the trays SIM-cards and a microSD slot, as well as the battery, are directly under it. Note that hot change of cards are missing: the battery should be removed anyway.

Now the interfaces. BQ Belief in the microUSB slot is placed at the upper end with an input for headphones, and the bottom there is nothing, even the microphone – it is so well inscribed in the front panel, you can find it with great difficulty, and on the camera it is not even visible.

The volume control buttons and power displayed on the right side of the body, the front above the display you can see the earpiece, selfie camera without flash and a set of sensors, and in the upper left corner of the rear panel flaunts a primary camera supplemented with dual led flash. Below you can see the grid of the main speaker.



Display BQ Belief based on the matrix IPS, which is a good sign, because by default it guarantees good viewing angles and good realistic colours. In fact, everything about it is: the angles are good, but the black color tends to light up slightly at extreme angles.

Overall the picture is very clean and bright white color here is white, not characteristic of many public sector of yellowness, but without the nuances did not come. Small spoon of tar here lies in the behavior of the screen in the sun – it fades completely and becomes 100% unreadable, that is a lovely day use BQ Belief outside the room or at least the shadows will be very difficult.

The sensor screen behaves quite adequately, reacting even to touch with wet fingers, which is very rare in budget phones. Glass covered prints are not very active, so wipe it every few minutes is not required. The screen handles 2 simultaneous touches.



Since BQ Belief comes without headphones, and his work in Hands Free mode test failed. The main speaker of the smartphone has an average volume that allows you to hear the call in the room or comfortably watch a video or listen to music. On the street or in a moving vehicle, the probability to miss a call, but in the engineering menu loudness you can increase the resource speakers is designed for it. After such manipulations the sound quality has not changed, but the sound, the smartphone has become a half times louder.

Earpiece and microphone “finished” is not necessary: in this respect, BQ Belief everything is fine, that is, out of the box. The microphone has a very good location, which to some extent protects it from the wind, but it does not mute the voice of the owner during a conversation.

The vibration strength BQ Belief reasonable: in the bag not to feel and in the pocket of pants or jacket she felt very confident.



The camera in BQ Belief are nothing special, given the low price of the camera, but the megapixels work out at 100. Oddly enough, the front camera works faster core, but in low light they both shoot about the same – on the “3-plus” on a scale.

This smartphone is really good, so it’s flash: maybe when photographing helpful, but with the role of the flashlight she copes. Two diodes are shining very brightly, snatching out of the darkness a large space.


Work offline

Smartphone BQ Belief is powered by a battery capacity of 3750 mAh, the parameters of autonomy which the manufacturer for some reason does not. The battery is pretty hefty, allowing you to not doubt her capabilities, and our test is quite confirmed.

To discharge a battery of the mobile we got for 8 hours of viewing HD-video from the internal memory. In this mode, was switched off all the communication modules, in addition to GSM and the screen brightness set to 50%. To fill the charge with the help of standard memory managed over 4.5 hours. Yes, it’s a little long, but 3750 mAh capacity – this capacity is enough time. During charging, the battery is practically not heated.

And another important fact: Belief in BQ battery is removable, which allows you to buy a second and carry it instead of the external battery and quickly change it in the case of zero charge in the main battery.



BQ Belief is not positioned as a highly productive apparatus, and to expect from him something outstanding in this regard is not necessary. However, their “iron” resources, this smartphone uses the maximum, demonstrating very good performance in the benchmark.

In test AnTuTu the latest at the time of writing the review version of the smartphone has 24396 points, and best of all showed the CPU, so in most applications the smartphone to slow down will not be guaranteed. The capabilities of the CPU are appreciated and the second benchmark, Quadrant Standard, where BQ Belief earned slightly more than 8000 points.

In games BQ Belief manifests itself at the middle level: a powerful three-dimensional game for him, but it is a standard runners, and the strategy he runs without brakes and lags. In General, this is not a gaming smartphone, otherwise it would cost absolutely other money.



The application is exactly what makes Muslim smartphone BQ Belief, in fact, Muslim. From the factory its firmware built two utilities that are very useful to Muslim believers is iQuran and Muslim Pro.

iQuran is literally the electronic version of the Quran in which Surah is available in both text form and in audio file format. Excerpts and quotes from the Koran can be published to social networks and send by email directly from the app.

Utility Muslim Pro has more functionality: it is able to accurately calculate time for prayer based on your current location, has a built-in alarm clock for prayers carries the calendar of Muslim holidays, and has a database of all the mosques in Russia, with indication of their addresses and even the navigation map. An equally important section of the application is a list of restaurants, cafes and other establishments with a Halal menu.

BQ Belief is based on OS Android 6.0 with a standard interface, Material UI. Pre-installed apps in it a little, but they are there and so easy to get rid of them: just seen 7 additional programs, and only 3 of them can be removed without rooting is mentioned iQuran and Muslim Pro and the application “gift of life”. But the program is a spammer Apps Press embedded in the firmware and have time for a couple of minutes to clutter the whole desktop with shortcuts to install games and programs from Google Play. This utility spoils the impression of the software component BQ Belief, despite the fact that it has developed support for gesture control.

After the first boot the user is presented with 290 MB of RAM and a little more than 4 GB of memory built-in. Without a microSD card in this phone just will not do.



Smartphone BQ Belief in General gives the impression of a hard hit by budget unit. It has minimal number of flaws, mostly minor, and at the same time pleases its low cost, very good quality and unusual design.

The fact that BQ Belief was created for Muslims, not a reason for refusal from the purchase of this smartphone with adherents of other faiths. The ornament on the rear panel with the camera and, if necessary, can always be closed by a cover, and app iQuran and Muslim Pro if you want you can remove (and reinstall) at any time.

The result is an inexpensive and very beautiful smartphone cost only 6,000 rubles. It has everything you may need from means of communication for the money, and even more: low-end phones with battery capacity of 3750 mAh or higher in the Russian market practically there.


Pros BQ Belief

– original design;

applications for Muslims;

– affordable price;

– very capacious battery.


Cons BQ Belief

– lack of support for 4G;

– sparse equipment;

– neudalimye third-party applications.

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