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Belarusians rushed to work in the Czech Republic. Top 10 countries where citizens go Farther

Белорусы рванули на заработки в Чехию. Топ-10 стран, куда едут подданные Батьки

In the past year to work abroad left Belarus 9061 people. About it reports Department on citizenship and migration of the MIA. A year earlier, labor migrants was more: according to the beginning of 2018, the country left 11 093 person (and it was a record).

Белорусы рванули на заработки в Чехию. Топ-10 стран, куда едут подданные Батьки

The is illustrative. Photo: Olga Shukailo, TUT.BY

Almost half of those who left Belarus went to work in Russia — 4173 person. Russia from year to year remains the leader in the number of Belarusian migrants, but the current number is the lowest in recent years. In 2018 I went 4978 people in 2017 — 6160 people, in 2016 — 4772 person.

Like last year, on the second place on popularity was Poland, the third — Lithuania. In Poland last year left Belarus 1606 people (in 2018-m — 3181 people in 2017 — 978 employees, and in 2016-m — 932 people). In Lithuania went to work 1260 people (in 2018-m — 1289 people in 2017 410, in 2016-m — 532).

Fourth and fifth place in the number of migrants from Belarus last year took the Czech Republic and Germany (in 2018, the year — Czech Republic and U.S. in 2017 — Latvia and USA). And if in 2018 in the Czech Republic employed 494 people in 2017- 85, in 2016 — 25 2019-m — 782.

Earlier, the Czech foreign Ministry has announced that it will allocate more resources for the consideration of requests for work permits from experts from other countries, including Belarus. Stable economic growth of the Czech Republic and the low level of unemployment has meant that many companies are experiencing lack of workers and much in need of replenishment, to meet the demand.

It has also increased the number of those who rushed to work in Germany (395 people in the past year against 340 in 2018). But to go to work in the US, Finland and China Belarusians were less likely. As in Singapore and Spain, the two countries in 2019 moved by one person.

Among the men leaving to work considerably more than women — 6369 vs 2692. Most labour migrants went to work for up to 6 months in the past year, there were 4754 person. 2955 more people signed contracts with foreign employers for a period of more than one year, and 1352 people for a period of 6 months to a year. Interestingly, in Russia and Poland often go on short contracts, and in Lithuania — by long, over a year.

The overwhelming majority of Belarusian workers is the workers, 7311 people. Also last year, the work went abroad 1284 worker of sphere of services and trade, 434 agricultural worker and 27 highly skilled workers and specialists. The leaders are leaving Belarus is not so often. Last year there were 5 people and they all went to work in Russia.

In the statistics of the Department of citizenship and migration of the MIA takes into account only those who went to work with the assistance of organizations that have special permission (license) to carry out activities related to employment abroad. Those who are self moved, not recorded in the statistics. Therefore, these countries, who go to work tend to differ in a big way in the number of labor migrants from Belarus.
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