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Belarusian innovation – myth or reality?

Белорусские инновации - миф или реальность?

Belarusian innovation, as in the whole Belarusian economy, found its own, distinct from the way. And every day it becomes increasingly clear that this path is a dead end.

Белорусские инновации - миф или реальность?

Last Friday the state control Committee announced the results of innovative development of Mogilev region. As it turned out, over the last 10 years in the region not created any innovative production. A number of projects for the production of innovative products, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. It was very interesting to read about it.

It’s not even the fact that named products are difficult to described as innovative and is not that all of us are continues to be placed through the stump deck. Surprised by the government’s approach to innovation.

For example, the SCC said that “Belshina”is not provided the design production capacity of tires with a rim diameter of 57 and 63 inches. Innovative production should start at full power in 2017, but not worked so far. In Bykhov JSC “Trout farm “Lahwa” and launched the production of chilled fish in shrink film modified atmosphere – is already delayed for a year.

Not lazy and have specially studied the question. Modified atmosphere to increase the shelf life of products began to be used in the 30-ies of the last century, when marine trailers specially injected ethylene to increase the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. A system of packaging with modified atmosphere began to be widely used in the world in 2001. Today such systems are even in hypermarkets. Yes, the system is constantly being improved, but it is no longer innovation. Well, except for us, since it is included in the program of innovative development of the region. And even the packaging we can not implement. Though seemingly much simpler: bought the equipment, installed, trained and start working. Regular modernization of production and nothing more.

With innovation at JSC “Belshina” is a similar situation. Overall extra large tyres with a rim diameter up to 63 inch -innovation except for Belarus, because in the world they are produced in quite some time. For example, the us Titan started producing them in 2008, creating production less than a year! That’s up to us technology came. But to create the production for the year is not about us. Would have time for five years. At the same time, the production of these tires in the Belarusian company was conceived not only in order to put on the Trucks, but also dump trucks Komatsu and Caterpiller. But the funniest thing is that two weeks before the publication of audit data the SCC, JSC “Belshina” was attended by Chairman of the State Committee for science and technologies Alexander Shumilin is the main person on innovations in Belarus. The evaluation of the implementation of the project and its prospects – only positive. And a word about the fact that the tires had to enter the world market in 2017.

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These two examples are not exclusive. Such “innovations” with the same success in Belarus are being implemented everywhere. JSC “PMK-83 vodstroi” from the innovation Fund has allocated 638,7 thousand rubles for the organization of “innovative” production of heat insulation and wall products based on foamed liquid glass. Production failed, and the company is in liquidation. But what to expect from SCST, if there is innovation considered the establishment of production of automotive mirrors, which (here a miracle!) turn in two planes and are operated with the driver’s cab. In fact, in Belarus the innovation will include all that have not been produced in the country. The definition of innovation after all fits… and so it turns out to write nice reports about the innovative development of the country. In fact, everything is very bad – we are playing catch-up with the rest of the innovative world, not running, even just crawling on my knees.

As we like to say experts in the field of innovation, today’s world requires a very fast development and innovation. Otherwise, the country or the company (depending at what angle to consider) is doomed to stagnation. For example, the tablet went from idea to production in just 3 years. And in Belarus for three years the production of tires can’t start and packing fish to establish. Why is this happening? One reason, of course, can not be. Here the problem is complex to solve. But one thing I want to say.

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Worldwide innovation is a vital tool to survive in the increasingly competitive struggle. The state is also interested in competitive companies, therefore, strongly supports innovative business initiatives. Moreover, this support is expressed not so much in the financing of various kinds of innovations, how much in total the entire process. Because today the world is oversaturated with money, and this thread just need to send in the right direction.

Ideally, the state should identify priority areas for innovation, to identify promising niches, to address the various vulnerabilities. It’s much more important to understand what prevents innovation and take timely action than to distribute budgetary funds, the lack of which is relevant even today for US.

The problem of Belarus is that between state-owned enterprises, there is no real competitive environment, which would be forced to develop and innovate. The extra investment means either, but that’s a separate issue.

But in Belarus there is a State Committee for science and technology, which distributes the money in the world. There are Ministerial innovation funds where the company needs to make contributions. In other words, innovation in Belarus are not from below, from the companies and from above, from the state. The value of a particular innovation, its prospects are determined not by experts in a particular field, not investors, and government officials, which is important to master the allocated funds. The result is that innovation in Belarus is not a tool for technological growth, and another way to obtain public support. Exceptions certainly are, but they are too few to affect the overall situation. And so it turns out that the Chinese Huawei 5G technology implements that the world will change, and we fish packaging technology map (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) barely crawled.

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