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Belarus made a full length film.

Recently we told you about the first horror by Lovecraft, which is removed in Russia. However, in reality this is not the first attempt to adapt the texts of the Creator of Cthulhu and the Necronomicon on the territory of Russia and countries of the former USSR. So, in the neighbouring Union of Belarus a group of enthusiasts had ALREADY shot a full feature on the story of the writer “the Dog”.

The film was made Vin4 Victor Lebedev and Anna Dan, who in their own way interpret this story, bringing to him the realities of the Belarusian reality. The synopsis of the film sounds like this:

Three friends, Max, Dan and Christine, are engaged in robbing and behind the closed doors of the mansion conducting horrible rituals. Their passion off limits leads to a clash with otherworldly forces.

Staging, of course, an Amateur, with a minimal budget (only $ 80!), so expect revelations from this movie should not be. However, it’s interesting to look at this experience. Too lazy to waste time – you can start to evaluate trail:

Well, if you want to see ALL the crew already uploaded it to share on YouTube.

Some interesting facts about this production:

1. In the film are the real voices of the dead recorded by the method of EVP.

2. Actress of the first plan received during the filming of 3 serious injuries.

3. The family of the Director was confiscated land, for the realization of filming. The neighbors were afraid that the area were digging a grave!

4. The film was written 13 soundtracks, and 2 of them wrote a group from Vladikavkaz “Asymmetrical Method”.

5. One of the actors played 4 roles in the film.

6. In order to enter the role, the actors repeatedly spent the night in the cemetery. And even tried to sleep in this grave!

7. The script of the film made 464 pages.

PySy: For the tip on this movie thank podsedice our VK-pablik Sergei Jerichow!

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