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Beijing had to step over the pride

Пекину пришлось переступить через гордыню

Beijing finally realized that it was temporarily stuck in Hong Kong in completely losing the story: the use of force impossible in the background of international interest in developments in the enclave, a trade war with the US and some other factors. At the same time, signs of decay and exhaustion in the protests is not observed — moreover, the special district has developed a fairly stable Union of different forces which have a mass base of support and are willing to persist long enough. Meanwhile, approaching the great day of October 1, when Beijing will have Grand celebrations on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. To hold that against the background of a riot in Hong Kong or its a bloody crackdown is clearly not comme Il faut.

In short, Beijing had to step over the pride, and the inhabitants of the former British colony won an incredible victory — at least not yet think so. On Hong Kong television showed videotapes the speech of the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam. She announced that accept the main demand of the protesters. And begins the process of complete withdrawal of the bill authorizing the issuing in China of Hong Kong residents convicted or wanted in mainland of China. For this decision, however, still must vote the MPs of the local Parliament, which for several weeks is not valid in connection with the mass protests in the Autonomous region.

However, Carrie Lam made it clear that the other requirements of participants of demonstrations are not eligible. And four not categorize the protests as “riots”, release of all detainees, to investigate the illegal and brutal actions of the police, to introduce direct elections in Hong Kong. Concession to Beijing, therefore, has not caused enthusiasm among leaders of the movement. “Too little too late” — wrote in his FB one of the leaders of the youth wing protesters Joshua Wong. Statement Carrie Lam was convicted and moderate Civil front for human rights is the main organiser of an incredible number of protest marches, which are continuously rocked Hong Kong since the beginning of June.

Today, activists on the streets walked with chants: “Five demands — not one missing! Five requirements — and not one less!” It is expected to appoint a new marches in support of the “five requirements”. And we shall soon know whether the tactic worked for the Beijing peace protest in Hong Kong. After all, the main requirement of non-extradition to China, it seems the authorities agreed? It’s what everyone wanted so badly? And you have direct elections in the special Autonomous region of China, and so he has never been…

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