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Behind the scenes of “strange cases”: a large selection of photos!

27 Oct 2017 premiere of the second season of Stranger Things, and how anyone, but I watched each episode avidly. In the continuation of the Brothers Caffery gave us everything we wanted and even a little more. More guns, more monsters, more ‘ 80s! In short, the fans were satisfied.

But what to do? How to live to a third season? Well, to brighten up the waiting helps a variety of staff, appearing on the Network. The mutant fan art will come, retro-video, and sometimes even dance with their favorite characters. In short, community is self-sufficient.

Another pleasant surprise was a large pack of pictures from the filming of the second season, which rolled out the website Indie Wire. Overall, more than forty the. Here we will publish the cream of the crop, but all the photos you can see in our Media Area.

Here is a little trip back to Hawkins, the opportunity to look behind the scenes of your favorite series and enjoy the unique atmosphere of comfort, which is a “Very strange case”.

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