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Beets – an indispensable vegetable for hypertensive patients

Свекла – незаменимый овощ для гипертониковBeets are not only delicious vegetable, which is used in many dishes.

Even a small portion of beet juice helps high blood pressure to reduce blood pressure, according to British experts.

Research suggests that 500 milliliters of beet juice reduce blood pressure for the next 24 hours. Scientists from the University of reading for the first time looked at how different amounts of juice affects the pressure in order to determine the minimum effective dose.

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Experiments have shown that even a dose of 100 grams of the juice reduces the pressure on 4 to 13 hours, like bread mixed with beets. Bread with additives of sugar or red beet has the same positive effect. The effect of beet scientists explain the high content of nitrate substances which during digestion is converted into nitric oxide, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

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As for pigments, coloring beet red, which was previously associated with a positive effect on the pressure, they were not involved in this process as useful for pressure were like a red and white beets. High blood pressure is dangerous to health and life, greatly increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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