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Because of the actions of Oblenergo Kherson will again block the road

Из-за действий Облэнерго херсонцы вновь перекроют дорогу126 apartments in the building for 4 months can not wait for electricity.

Just yesterday we wrote about the fact that in the Kherson people blocked the main street Ushakova due to the fact that Power companies have disconnected from the power supply 11 hostels for debt. Due to this protest electricity to the people returned, demanding in the shortest terms to extinguish the debt.

Today in the social.networks spread information about what is planned another protest to overlap the main road, again because of the actions of the Power companies.

Recently, 1 June 2018, the “children’s Day” in the Tauride district 4 was held the ceremony of commissioning of the new 9-storey 126-room apartment house №44 along the Avenue of the 200th anniversary of Kherson. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Kharkiv regional state administration, regional and city Council. The keys were personally handed over by Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev.

In General, the keys to their own apartments were 126 young families of which 10 families of ATO participants, 6 – large families, 24 families of young specialists of the budget and other institutions of Kherson.

At first glance, a very beautiful picture emerges, and many families received a welcome home, a “last invested” in these apartments, only to have their homes. So of course everyone was happy to finally get the coveted “keys to your house.” Officials vividly photographed with the happy families, said informative speech about power, about improving, about the state policy of assisting young families. That’s about it. The material captured in the media is distributed, it is possible to hang the medals.

And now of reality. To date, none of these families started to live in his apartment! Not started because do not have the ability to connect home at least basic communication. Particularly striking is the impunity and audacity Khersonoblenergo. Attempts to connect the house to the networks stretching back to mid-summer.

“From the beginning it was outright intentional time delay, says the tenant of the house Dmitry Rybin.- With the submission of the first package of documents on the connection in the last day of the review period, we get the answer that there is not enough of a document. OK. Has provided the proper paper. But again no, after the next time we get rejected again and already need another certificate! By the way, which we can not be, because we built this house. Turning to the Builder, and it turns out that this certificate is generally not provided by the law. In General all demands are absurd, because the house has long been commissioned and is considered suitable for use and connect to all networks about what there are corresponding certificates! Appeal to the city authorities, they confirm this. But, Khersonoblenergo is on his own. Were forced to turn to NKREKP. That in its reply, recommended that about the arbitrariness Khersonoblenergo contact Minregionbud of Ukraine. How long will it take? What kind of manifestations of Soviet scoops-bureaucracy?!”

In the upshot, 126 young families, which include families of ATO participants, families and families of young specialists of the budget and other institutions of Kherson.

As discussed above, many of these families have invested the last in their apartments. And live next winter somewhere in rented apartments, many simply can not do. And some at all have no place to live …

“Based on the above, we do not see other avenues to the mercy of the Kherson officials, than to go on the Central streets of the city! I really hope that the government will pay attention to the problem of 126 young families that remain in the winter without electricity,” – said Dmitry.

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