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Because of the accident on the tanker near Istanbul, closed the Bosphorus

Из-за аварии на танкере возле Стамбула закрыли пролив БосфорThe ship refused the office.

The tanker that was under the flag of Panama, refused the steering wheel, and it stopped right in the middle of the Strait near Istanbul.

It was decided to close traffic in both directions through the Strait, while the broken tanker will be towed.

Earlier in the Bosphorus stopped traffic on 17 August, when the cargo ship collided with a coast guard cutter. As a result, injured 6 people.

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Furthermore, on 16 July, the Bosphorus was closed to tankers during the attempted military coup in the country for security reasons.

Note that the Bosphorus (“Bosphorus”) — a Strait between Europe and Asia Minor, connecting the Black sea with the Marmara. Paired with the Dardanelles connects the Black sea with the Aegean, which is part of the Mediterranean. On both sides of the Strait, is the largest Turkish city of Istanbul.

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The length of the Strait is about 30 km and Maximum width of the Strait — 3700 m (in the North), the minimum is 700 metres away. Fairway depth from 33 to 80 m.

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