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Because like her, I dream about the death penalty

A national tragedy – that’s how I would describe the situation. It is high time to beat all the bells, but only the power c the solution to this problem is not particularly in a hurry. Meanwhile, this whole mess started to reach the masses, promoting this way of life in social networks, where the victims, including the immature brain of the youth.

Из-за таких, как она, я мечтаю о смертной казни


I’m all about the sore. About drugs. The heroine of the post – model, the programmer and dependent 27-year-old Muscovite Anna Glazova. Special glory girl found after the release of the controversial article “Heroin – property model” in which confessed to the public that uses hard drugs. If you think that the nature of the article rather contrite, then hasten to disappoint: Anna, do not hesitate, promotes illegal substances, explaining how they help her to live and grow.

It’s already 10 years uses strong drugs and it does not prevent her to lead a full life. Shots girl doing in the groin area. Useful, in her opinion, information about his life, she offers to find in Vkontakte and on other resources.”

On the basis of article of Glazova was charged that it produces drug trafficking. Was jail, and later released on his own recognizance. Over the past three years, the girl is a frequent guest of law enforcement, however, every time they find themselves once again on the loose, continues with its questionable activities.
As in any similar situation, I always felt especially sorry for the parents of drug addicts. After Anna once again detained valiant correspondent Nina Abrosimova found the mother of the Heroine to tell me what actually life is about Anna, what she thinks about it and how she has to go all the way with her daughter.

Из-за таких, как она, я мечтаю о смертной казни


However, Galina argues that to give the term for this way of life is not worth it, they say, so what: so many criminals, so much corruption. However, after reading the full interview, it can be noted that the mother never once admitted that Anna repeatedly took things from the apartment to buy another dose, or was brought to the house of people of unknown appearance. Does it mean that Galina Glazova resigned to the way of life of a daughter? Definitely. How about the fact that certain death doomed. But it’s not about that.

Из-за таких, как она, я мечтаю о смертной казни


Going to the most personal page of Anna in Vkontakte, in addition to the photos you can see quite a pretty girl, you can discover huge number of shocking review, the heroine and youth, which is literally “asking advice” how to eat, and most importantly, what kind of a drug.

Из-за таких, как она, я мечтаю о смертной казни


Interestingly, and this, according to mother Anna Glazova, is also not a crime? And most importantly, what to do with the Character?

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