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Became known why people say in their sleep

Стало известно, почему люди говорят во снеStudies have shown that most of the conversations in the dream don’t last more than 30 seconds and do not mean anything

Often talking in your sleep is completely harmless, although they can Wake up, amuse or alarm the roommates.

If your night mumbling misinterpreted as conscious speech, explain that somniloquy (the dream talks) is a very common phenomenon, and health problem is considered to be rare. It may be accompanied by loud cries and long meaningful phrases. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sometimes the conversations in my sleep sometimes funny, sometimes rude and offensive to the listener, but most often nothing interesting gabbler will not tell. Studies have shown that most of the conversations in the dream don’t last more than 30 seconds do not mean anything and hardly worthy of attention.

As in the cases of sleep paralysis, episodes of somniloquy usually occur in REM sleep, when the brain aktiviziruyutsya, breathing quickens, and we see a vivid realistic dream.

If the dream talks occur frequently, accompanied by loud noises and sudden uncontrolled movements, they can be a symptom of other disorders: somnambulism, nightmares, restless leg syndrome or syndrome night appetite. Sometimes episodes of somniloquy occur due to emotional stress, fever, alcohol or drug abuse.

Who talks in her sleep

More than 50% of children aged 3 to 10 years old talking in my sleep. Most of them outgrow this phenomenon to the onset of puberty and only a small number of adults (about 5%) retain this feature until the end of his days. Episodes of somniloquy can be repeated every night, and may occur rarely, after hard work or high stress.

Do I need to treat somniloquy?

It makes sense to turn to doctor if talking in your sleep accompanied by intense fear, screaming, Wake you up in the middle of the night or interfere with sleep and your loved ones. If you think that sleep problems occurred to your child, plan a trip to the pediatrician.
There was no specific diagnosis of somniloquy (except certificates roommates), but if the doctor finds you have signs of another sleep disorder, he may order a polysomnography — a sleep study of a patient using special recording devices. Is recorded a variety of parameters: snoring, respiratory flow, respiratory movements of the chest and abdominal wall, body position, EEG, foot movement, etc.

Can I stop talking in my sleep?

No prescription from somniloquy does not exist. Recommendations to avoid stress and sleep regularly you are unlikely to impress, although it is often advised the doctor. If talking in your sleep disturb your partner or roommate gave him earplugs as a gift.

If you are serious to reveal his nocturnal monologues, arrange a mini-investigation. Keep a sleep diary for two weeks, record the time of going to sleep and waking up, character dreaming, medicines, food and drinks that you consume. Pay special attention to the caffeinated drinks, tea, Cola and alcohol. With this objective may help the fitness tracker: it captures not only the duration but also the depth of sleep. For the sake of curiosity on your smartphone, you can install a program that will record the night calls, bypassing the episodes of silence. All this information can be shown to sleep.

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