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Became known why men can’t use a lot of sweets

Стало известно, почему мужчинам нельзя употреблять много сладкогоSweets decrease the production of testosterone in men.

Sweet food as quickly as possible reduces the level of testosterone in the blood in men that can cause premature impotence.

To such conclusion endocrinologists from Dublin hospital at the University of San Vincent. They conducted an experiment, which involved 74 men. In all tests measured glucose tolerance and testosterone levels, after which, they drank 75 grams of pure glucose.

All men, regardless of the tendency to diabetes, testosterone levels after intake of glucose is decreased by at least 25%, and remained reduced for another 2 hours.

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Scientists believe that the doctors who prescribe a course of testosterone for the treatment of impotence, you must first, the patient is recommended to change your diet, reducing the amount of sweet food.

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