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Became known why Meghan Markle doesn’t use red lipstick

Стало известно, почему Меган Маркл не пользуется красной помадойFriend and makeup artist wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Daniel Martin spoke about the preferences of the Duchess of Sussex in makeup.

After the announcement of the engagement, and then after the wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle discuss the style and appearance of the Duchess does not stop. Critics and ordinary people discuss fashionable images of the wife of the British Prince, the cost of her chosen dresses and the way she holds herself in public.

The other day a friend of Meghan Markle Daniel Martin, who was the official makeup artist for the wedding of the Royal couple on may 19 this year, shared the secrets of make-up Duchess.

“She loves to paint on their own, and she is good. Megan likes to emphasize the eyes and eyebrows, it gives her face a contrast and makes skin tone more pronounced. She also likes to experiment with the tonal resources and try something new. When her skin is more tanned, and she prefers a warmer tone,” says Martin, adding that too far from the natural shade of your skin the Duchess never goes away.

Also Daniel Martin admitted that there are things that the Duchess of Sussex in makeup categorically rejects.

“With red lipstick on Megan feels uncomfortable. The Duchess seems that at any moment it may smear, so at the crucial moment did not want to worry about this. Members of the Royal family so many responsibilities that they just want to feel comfortable and confident,” says the makeup artist.

Makeup artist Meghan Markle also notes that the Duchess more time not so much makapu how many skin care products. According to Martin, Megan could cause a ton of makeup, but she likes to look natural. Thus, the wife of Prince Harry does not hide her freckles, counting them is not a disadvantage, but a twist.

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