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Became known why dogs are “friends” with the people

Стало известно, почему собаки "дружат" с людьмиIn their new study, scientists have found that the friendship between a dog and a human is determined by the number of mutations in its genome.

In their view, the friendliness of the dogs is because they are carriers of a special form of “elf syndrome” – mental retardation, associated with rearrangement of chromosomes.

Who first “tamed” each other – dog people or dog people? Researchers believe that dogs are first adapted to the people. They have learned to live next to people thanks to two things – the ability to digest starch is contained in large amounts in cooked food, and the ability to recognize human emotions and respond to them, in General, imitating the child’s behavior.

Now, researchers have found that the ability of dogs is associated with significant changes in the structure of their chromosomes, which are usually associated with mental retardation and an extremely high degree of gullibility in humans. A similar disorder occurs in people with Williams syndrome, or “syndrome elf”, which occurs due to damage to and removal of quite a large section of the seventh chromosome, resulting in changing human behavior, and appearance.

Something similar, as the researchers found, occurred and with dogs during their domestication, but instead, the seventh chromosomes, they have changed the sixth.

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