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Became known, who is responsible for the condition of roads in Ukraine

Стало известно, кто несет ответственность за состояние дорог в УкраинеIn Ukraine, 95-97% of roads worn out.

In Ukraine the total length of roads – 430 thousand km including 170 thousand km of General use and 260 thousand km of municipal roads.

Public roads in Ukraine are divided into international, national and local, and are funded from the state budget for their repair answer oblavtodora. For municipal roads the streets of cities and other settlements are responsibility of local authorities.

Now actually “Ukravtodor” controls the quality of repair and construction of roads through their subdivisions. But the state-owned believe that to control the road have become larger with the transition to procurement in Prozorro. 2017 control of the repair work was begun to transfer independent engineering consultants on the FIDIC system.

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30 Dec 2016 ujlf Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman signed the order imposing a system for all road works in Ukraine. Control according to the standards of FIDIC in 2017 will be carried out only in road construction, reconstruction and capital repairs, and on March 1, 2018, the requirement will extend to repair works.

“International quality control, FIDIC is now compulsory for the exercise of technical supervision over the progress of construction works on the Ukrainian roads. Customers of road works – road service in the areas subordinated to Ukravtodor – will be required to involve in such work engineers that have a certificate FIDIC, ” – said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

The duties of the independent consulting engineer will include – carrying out quality control of works, consumption of materials, control over elimination of defects. The quality of roads in cities and other human settlements control only the local authorities, so in “Ukravtodor” please общественникjd independently monitor local authorities.

“FIDIC is the international European system, which is used by all countries. But in Ukraine, its implementation was postponed for 2018. In 2017 it can be used on projects of reconstruction and construction, but this year there is no such projects”, – said the head of the organization “My way” Roman Khmil.

It is worth noting that in 2017 Ukraine plans to repair 2195 km of roads out of 169 thousand km. By different estimates yamochnost on the roads of Ukraine is 12-18 sq. km. According to the acting head of “Ukravtodor” Slawomir Nowak, due to limited funding, the Ukraine cannot afford to abandon patching.

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