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Became known, who is in the same cell with Zaitseva

Стало известно, кто находится в одной камере с Зайцевой Zaitsev was placed in a cell to suspects in serious crimes.

Suspect in Kharkiv accidents with 6 dead Elena Zaitseva is in the jail cell with nine suspects in serious crimes.

This was stated by the Deputy head of the institution for execution of punishments №27 (Kharkiv SIZO) Dmitry Cold.

According to him, Zaitseva already adapted to the conditions, behaves quietly.

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“Complaints from it was not, she behaves calmly. Now she has adapted and is in normal condition,” said Cold.

On a date to Zaitseva came mother, also her regular visits to the lawyer.

“A lawyer, they are not limited, it can come in working hours every day,” explained the Cold.

He added that on the day when Zaitsev was brought out of the courtroom, she worked as a psychologist, because she was in a depressed state. For advice to doctors is not addressed.

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In the chamber where Zaitsev, private bathroom and shower, a TV, but the Internet women to use is prohibited.

Just jail today, according to the Cold, there are 105 women.

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