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Became known, who has the right to travel with “flashers” in Ukraine

Стало известно, кто имеет право ездить с “мигалками” в УкраинеThe Cabinet has determined who has the right to travel with “flashers”.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the list of state institutions, are eligible to use the special sound and light signaling devices on vehicles.

According to the resolution No. 176 of March 22, the government found that the signals of blue color can be established with a permit issued by the competent authority of the Ministry of internal Affairs, exclusively for such vehicles:

on the transport used for the movement of persons, in respect of which the state protection is performed;
transport Ministry;
transport of the Channel;
transport units road traffic safety of Military service of law and order in the APU;
transport of the national guard;
on the transportation tax police;
transport SBU;
transport Chief Directorate and departments of the government courier service;
the transport state service of special communication and information protection;
transport paramilitary formations;
transport of penal institutions and detention facilities of State criminal-Executive service. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Also the specially of the blue color can be used:

National anti-corruption Bureau;
The state Bureau of investigation;
The office of the state guard;
The state border service;
divisions of the State intelligence service of transport;
The state service for transportation safety;
the ambulance teams;
services of collection and transportation of valuables of the national Bank and banks of Ukraine;
division of departmental protection of the national Bank to perform operational tasks.

Special light signaling devices of red color can be installed as optional equipment only on vehicles of the patrol police of the national police and relevant units of national police, which is responsible for ensuring road safety.

The signals of the red and green colors can be installed as optional equipment only on vehicles of the relevant departments of the national police and the office of the state guard, which accompany protected persons.

This decision shall enter into force simultaneously with the loss of power of the President of Ukraine decree № 567 dated March 30, 2005 “On measures for streamlining of use of special light and sound signalling devices and license plates for official vehicles.”

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