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Became known, when will start to build a new bridge on the Lot

Стало известно, когда начнут строить новый мост на ШулявкеThe demolition of the old bridge will be until Feb.

Shuliavska bridge will be dismantled in November and December and will complete this work by 30 January of the following year. Journalists visited the site and looked at how the work on the relaying of engineering networks near the overpass.

For about two months the side of the road passing along the bridge, closed to traffic. There are a few dozen construction workers, machinery. The exit ramps from the street to Victory Boulevard and from Victory Boulevard on the street. fully excavated, in places excavated a deep trench. Work is being done on the site near the pedestrian underpass on the Avenue of Victory towards the center. Some of the Mafs, which used to be located at the entrance to the transition, were demolished and in their place the downloaded mountains of sand and concrete pipes of huge diameter. By the way, reduced the stalls and near the metro station “Shulyavska”. The first kiosks under the bridge was demolished in August. Now emptied the outlets closer to the street..

As reported in the Department of transport KSCA, now the conventions are relaying networks, storm sewer, water and gas networks.

“Work is underway on the redevelopment scheme of the road traffic (traffic lights, signs, traffic control, marking) for the period of overlap Shulyavska overpass, and the reconstruction of the contact network of public transport,” – said in the Department.

To complete these works is planned till November 3-4 and in parallel to start dismantling the viaduct by removing sidewalk consoles, cornice blocks, lighting poles. Begin dismantling the main structures of the bridge is planned from 15 December. Work will last until the end of January, then begin to arrange pile foundations and supports of a new overpass, and from March – mount metal. The construction of the facility could last a year and will cost UAH 380 million.

All this time the traffic on the bridge will be closed and transport will start up in a detour. As for the underpass, which is located next to the metro station “Shulyavska” and goes on the opposite side of the Avenue of Victory, to shut it down at the time of construction plan. “For the safety of pedestrians will be equipped with a special hinged design,” – said in the KSCA.

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