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Became known, when will be created a time machine

Стало известно, когда будет создана машина времениScientists, by 2025, will create a time machine

Scientists from Stanford University stated that in 2025 will be created the first concept of a time machine. By the time the specialists need to develop the technology to travel vast distances at superluminal speeds.

According to experts, by 2020 scientists will be able to “break” a person into billions of tiny particles. Molecular physics have moved several steps forward, and this is a prerequisite for the creation of a time machine. Experts believe that in 10 years there will be new technologies through which to explore the Universe would be possible.

Biophysics focused on the fact that the creation of a time machine is possible only theoretically. But for this purpose there are all preconditions, and each time there are new opportunities. The idea is to completely “break” a person in the molecules that will move in quantum space, and due to this in the future just will be possible to break the time continuum and travel through time. This was told by Michio Kaku in his book “Physics of the impossible”.

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