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Became known, when the legendary pokemon appears in Pokemon Go

Стало известно, когда легендарные покемоны появятся в Pokemon Go The opportunity to catch the legendary pokemon in Pokemon Go will appear later this year, said the mobile game developed by Niantic Labs.

The company’s CEO John Hanke (John Hanke) gave an interview to Wired Germany, in which he responded to a question about when the project will be a legendary creature.

“I can confidently say that we will see more [legendary creatures] this year,” said Hanke. Among the legendary creatures of the first and second generations, i.e. those generations, the pokemon which are already in the game — Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia and others. It is also worth noting that the legendary flying pokemon Artikuno last year was seen in the creatures list of Pokemon Go, but later developers have removed mention of it from the game.

“Recently, we noticed that several of the legendary pokemon was on some accounts, although they should not be there — then said Niantic Labs. — To preserve the integrity of the game and as a measure of justice we corrected the situation and removed the legendary pokemon from the accounts of the trainers”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

While it is not necessary to expect appearance in Pokemon Go each rare pokémon first and second generations. In an interview, said only about Mew and Mewtwo and the three legendary birds.

Niantic Labs is actively supporting their game since its release, held in July last year. In February, for example, the project was added creatures from Pokemon Gold and Silver. This year, Pokemon Go may also receive a trading system. Finally, are in development and PvP battles.

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