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Became known to new doomsday date

Стала известна новая дата конца светаExperts have announced when it will happen the “day of judgment”.

Christian numerologist David Mead predicted that the Earth will end on 23 September, when Nibiru also known as planet X, will collide with the Earth, the prediction that, according to his statement, was based on the verses and number codes in the Bible.

The predicted end of the world, however, has passed, and no major global catastrophe did not happen. The Ministry of foreign Affairs now offers a different explanation of why on 23 September has come and gone, and the world has not ended. He argues that the end of the world was postponed for a month, informs news.eizvestia.com.

The foreign Ministry now claims that the “real pain” will occur in October, and the end of the world will start from October 21. He also said that the world will not actually be destroyed. Rather, the world as we know it, will end.

“In September, nothing is expected. Perhaps at the end of October we may be going into the seven-year tribulation period, followed by a thousand years of peace”, — said the foreign Ministry.

The foreign Ministry added that the approaching of Nibiru to the Earth can occur solar flares and the potential loss of electrical networks, which can last for weeks and even longer.

“This is the main risk I see now, because, as I said in my book, immediately after the initial risk of a solar flare I can see the Rapture of the true Church”.

Although the foreign Ministry claims that Nibiru will be responsible for the destruction of the Earth, the scientists say that this world actually does not exist. Thus, it will not collide with the planet Earth.

Although the researchers found evidence that planet X could exist deep in the solar system, NASA scientists say it is too early to confirm its existence.

“The possibility of a new planet, of course, fascinating for me as a planetary scientist, and for all of us”, — said the Director of NASA’s planetary science Jim green. “It is, however, not the detection or discovery of a new planet. Too early to say with confidence that there is a so-called planet X. what we see is an early prediction, based on modeling due to limited observations. process, which can lead to an exciting result.”

“The story started with claims that Nibiru, an alleged planet discovered by the Sumerians, is heading to Earth. Initially, this catastrophe was predicted in may 2003, but when nothing happened, doomsday date was moved to December 2012 and was connected with the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012, ” said NASA.

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