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Became known, the weapons used by the Neanderthals

Стало известно, какое оружие использовали неандертальцы These ancient people were not as simple as it seems.

Professional athletes javelinmen helped scientists to recreate the style of hunting of ancient people and change the common opinion that Neanderthals were not very developed civilization. Through research and testing, scientists have proved that ancient people could use their copies of to kill small and medium sized Pets.

“The emergence of a specialized weapon – one of the most important milestones in human evolution, about which we know almost nothing. Therefore, the opening when we learned to kill victims and enemies from a great distance, it is extremely important for the understanding of our own history,” said Matt Pope (Matt Pope) from University College London (UK).

The weapon was found in 1994 in Germany, during the excavation of the Parking lot and temporary residence of ancient people. Multiple copies made me think about its purpose. Previously, most scientists believed that Neanderthals went hand to hand with the enemy or an animal. This version was reinforced by the fact that the bones of ancient people on the bones of their victims were found the characteristic markings. Also a version about the inability of the Neanderthals to use weapons or small objects in everyday life was reinforced by the low mobility of the brushes.

Recently, these versions have failed because the scientists were able to prove that the ancient natives of Europe was ruled with bows, arrows and spears are not worse than the CRO-magnons. Therefore, the question of the use of weapons arose very sharply. In particular, scientists have wondered how advanced was ancient people. Also, scientists have wondered about the origin of Neanderthals.

The artifacts were similar to modern javelins for sports competitions. It did not fit with the theory that Neanderthals hunted in close quarters. To prove his innocence to the Pope and his assistants built a few similar copies and has assembled a team of volunteer athletes. Scientists have set the task of athletes to throw a spear with maximum power at a target with sensors.

Studies have shown that athletes hit the target often enough. The distance between a javelin thrower and the target was 10-20 meters. A small percentage of shots led to coups and copies them down. Hit by a spear, cut from solid wood, can be compared to a blow with a baseball bat or defeat a bullet from a small-caliber gun. That was enough to kill small or medium animal.

The Pope believes that the style of hunting from afar and creating weapons for this is proof that Neanderthals were not as stupid and primitive as scientists previously believed.

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