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Became known the secrets of the iPhone X

Стали известны секреты производства iPhone X Arose a serious scandal.

Taiwanese contract manufacturer of electronic products Foxconn makes devices for Apple and other companies, was again at the center of the scandal on the use of child labour.

Foxconn illegally attracted students of technical schools in China under the guise of the practice forced them to work overtime on the production lines, engaged in the Assembly of the iPhone X.

It is reported that a group of three thousand students of the city schools train in age from 17 to 19 years within the mandatory three-month practice was to X iPhone at Foxconn. In an interview with The Financial Times, some said that they had to work overtime to 11:00 in the night, which is a violation of labor law of China. According to one of the students of the school, the day she was made up to 1200 cameras, iPhone X. this Practice was a prerequisite for graduation, though I was not associated with training – the school publishes the railroad.

In the Apple and Foxconn said that they were isolated cases, when the student interns worked overtime, but the company took appropriate measures to remedy the situation. In addition, the company assures that all the students worked voluntarily, and their pay accordingly.

In an interview with The Financial Times, Foxconn employee said that the plant in Zhengzhou attracts students to compile iPhone in the second half of the year, increasing the number of workers from one hundred to three hundred thousand people, but this year due to problems with the Assembly X iPhone needed even more working to tight deadlines to catch up with the pace.

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As you know, at the end of last quarter, Foxconn’s profits have fallen by 40% in annual terms because of the problems with the Assembly of the iPhone X.

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