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Became known the likely cause of the explosion of a mortar Hammer

Стала известна вероятная причина взрыва миномета МолотThe chief military Prosecutor pointed to a number of violations during the exercise, describing the cause of the explosion dual charging mortar.

Likely cause of the explosion mortar Hammer during a training exercise at the landfill in the Rivne region could be double loading. On Monday, 9 July, said the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios in the comments to the post in Facebook.

“The testimony of the participants differ. No one can say for sure whether the first shot and the fault of the mortar, or the explosion occurred due to double charging. According to the investigation, mortars worked without fuses, which led to the possibility of double charging. The explosion occurred immediately after the next loading. The nature and circumstances of the strength of mortar also indicate this. Previously in the actions of the independent monitor of the shooting has all the signs of official negligence: the distance between the mortars and 8 meters wide is provided for by requirements 20, the depth of the trenches also failed to meet the standards,” – said the Prosecutor.

According to Matios, the detailed findings will give appropriate expertise.

“All the physical evidence (traces of broken mortar and mines) deleted … the cause of the explosion will only provide expertise with investigative experiment playback the circumstances of the tragic incident. Everything else is only a preliminary assessment of objective data”, – said the head of the Military Prosecutor’s office.

As reported, the explosion of a mortar Hammer killed three soldiers, nine more were injured.

After President Petro Poroshenko ordered not to use a mortar Hammer on the teachings to the results of the investigation.

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