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Became known the grisly details of the case of the St. Petersburg dentist

Стали известны жуткие подробности дела петербургского стоматологаWould-be dentist removed his patients healthy teeth.

In St. Petersburg the dentist removed the patient 22 healthy tooth to earn more money. Now the doctor wanted, and the victim, as it turned out, was not alone.

A few years ago Anastasiya Zimina, to correct the bite, went to the dentist. In state medical College was allegedly advised by one of the best, she supplied the girl a terrible disease – dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

The doctor was persuasive, the girl agreed to prosthetics. On both jaws, as advised by the dentist, money is not enough – only the top cost about 200 thousand in recalculation on the hryvnia. Soon, however, the crowns have disappeared.

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Nina Chizhov – one more patient pseudo-dentist – paid for two jaws about 400 thousand in recalculation on the hryvnia. She lost not only money but and 22 teeth healthy, as shown by later examination.

The woman sued the clinic and won by more than three million in recalculation on the hryvnia, so she needed a new treatment. That’s just to claim compensation from someone the clinic is closed.

The mountain itself is the dentist Emma Kalmykova fled to the Caucasus. She shines till six years of prison are investigating a criminal case under article fraud. The victim – a known about four at least – I suspect that the dentist was making on implants that are enforced instead of healthy teeth.

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Patients Kalmykova now need to be treated again, but the amount required is insane.

Victims have already started the arbitration process. If you win, they will be able to collect money from relatives and Kalmykova. On them, I suspect, a doctor and rewrote earned.

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