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Became known, the end of the eighth season of “the vampire Diaries”

Стало известно, чем закончится восьмой сезон "Дневников вампира" In the final die one of the main characters

The eighth season of “the vampire Diaries” with the approach of finals is becoming more emotional – and, it seems, will cause fans of the show really strong feelings, because the showrunners of “Diaries,” hinted that the series finale is going to die one of the main characters.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner of “the vampire Diaries” Julie Plack explained that death was a necessary step – “We wanted to make something Grand, very emotional, with action, very entertaining. We were aiming for something epic”.

Of course, no indication for whom it is “the vampire Diaries” will end on a tragic note, Julie Plack do not – and spectators have to guess until the last who will die in the finale. The last in the history of “the vampire Diaries” series, as we will be on the air very soon – on March 10.

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