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Became known, the effect on the human psyche care for sick animals

Стало известно, как влияет на психику человека уход за больными животнымиBetween the owner and pet have a special bond.

And when the past hurts, the person feels to the animal an even greater empathy and cares for him no less than for the relatives.

Psychologists claim that people are able to experience stress and anxiety, or even be in a state of depression, because of the suffering of animals, writes The Huffington Post, referring to the results of the research Veterinary Record.

Researchers interviewed 119 people whose Pets were sick, and 199 of the owners, whose Pets are all well.

In the first group of respondents the indicators of mental health problems was higher than the second. In addition, the assessment of their quality of life was lower.

A phenomenon in which people experience the psychological impact of caring for sick animals, called the “burden of caregivers” ( “caregivers’ burden”).

Note, however, that the findings of the study are based on subjective indicators, as respondents themselves assess their internal state rather than objective (level of stress, anxiety, depression).

Professor of veterinary medicine and palliative veterinary care from Cornell University Katherine Goldberg notes that it is important that in case of serious illness of the animal owner and the veterinarian not to forget their psychological needs.

Psychologists advise not to be shy grief from the loss of the animal. Just give yourself time to mourn. Even when a pet is still alive, but feels bad, the owner experiences it as a potential loss. Prioritize care for not only other living being, but also about yourself. Walk, spend time with friends and read is a proven ways to lighten the mood.

Finally – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Grief after loss of a pet can be as traumatic as the death of a loved one. So if you can’t do it alone, ask for support to a group of people who are experiencing the same, or to a specialist.

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