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Became known the details of triple accidents involving Uber in Kiev

Стали известны детали тройного ДТП с участием Uber в КиевеIt turned out a new the circumstances of the accident.

A major accident involving three cars took place in Kiev on the street borshchahivska Sunday, October 22.

The Toyota crashed into two standing cars due to dogs. To a scene there arrived a police squad.

It turned out that the driver of a red Toyota drove towards the center of the city, when the road suddenly ran out a dog. Presumably, it was a Labrador with a leash.

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The driver tried to avoid collision, however he did not succeed. A car hit a dog then hit the bump and suffered. First Toyota crashed into standing of the Hyundai Tuscon, and then by inertia in a parked Renault (subregionally under Uber).

As a result of incident anybody, except the dog, were not injured. Except that girl, the passenger of the Toyota, a suspected broken finger. The car worked all the airbags.

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