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Became known the details of the plan, according to which Russia will live until the summer of 2021

Стали известны подробности «плана», по которому Россия будут жить до лета 2021 года

The Supreme leadership of Russia fell in love the regime of epidemic restrictions forbidding citizens to leave the country and get closer to each other closer than 1.5 meters.

A complete lifting of the quarantine measures imposed in the country because of the coronavirus pandemic will only be possible in the second half of 2021 – a period the government had laid the plan of recovery of the Russian economy, told “Interfax” a source familiar with the contents of the document.

The plan is divided into three stages. The first will continue until September 2020 and will be named the stage of adaptation. It includes a “continuation of restrictive measures in the epidemic spread of coronavirus”.

At this stage, to 70% of the Russian regions will be above the second stage of opening the economy on the methodology of the CPS.

This means that walking and exercise will be a maximum of two (when the distance between the classes involved must be at least 5 m), when walking will not be allowed to visit places of a mass congestion of people and playgrounds. Will be allowed to work smaller objects non-food trade (hall – 400 square meters) and services, excluding one-time contact large numbers of people.

Tasks to return the economy to growth at this stage is not raised. The goal is to stabilize falling incomes to the new levels and to prevent their further decline, not to allow the recession to spread to a new sector and affected industries – to keep the situation stable.

From October 2020 June 2021-th is the next stage also with the “preservation of certain restrictive measures,” says the source, “Interfax”.

By the end of this phase, as expected, no more than 20% of subjects of the Russian Federation will be the third phase of the lifting of restrictions on the methodology of the CPS. At this stage, permitted to resume work at the enterprises of trade and sphere of services without restrictions on the number of visitors and squares, open cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and all educational institutions and also parks, squares and other places of relaxation (while maintaining social distancing).

At this stage, the plan of the government, should step in recovery growth and incomes.

Without the constraints the economy is working only in the third stage, from July to December 2021. In this period it is planned to “ensure steady growth in real incomes and robust economic growth,” reads the plan of the government.

According to calculations of the Ministry, by the end of 2020 the Russian economy will lose 5% of GDP and people’s incomes collapse by 3.8% and investment to collapse more than 10%.


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